1. HI!

    I want a black bag, and I love all epi bags.
    I just cannot decide which one to get: speedy 25?30? or alma??

    And I´m thinking to put a monogram multicolore black bandeau with the you think it will look good?

    If anyone has pictures of black epi bags i would love to see..

    thanka again!
  2. I like the speedy more.
  3. oh and about the scarf, I'm sure that will be cute ... I have a black bandeau with pink hearts tied to mine at the moment :love:

    Im off to work now, but I'll post pics later

  4. Oh yes, let me see later some pics.
    Your bandeau sounds lovely :smile:

    Cannot wait!

    I also want to see how big the size 25 is, because i don´t have any speedys yet..
  5. I adore the Epi Speedy! I prefer the shape of the Speedy to the Alma. The wide hard bottom on the Alma is awkward to me.
  6. Epi speedy 25! And I think the bandeau will look great on it!
  7. alma!!
  8. speedy 30! i find the 25 too small and don't love the alma.
  9. Agree^^

    I usually like the Alma, but black and Alma is a tad too classic and grown up for me.

    Speedy :nuts:
  10. I just bought the black epi speedy 25 (my first LV) and I :heart: it! I was looking for a "ladylike" bag to wear with skirts and dresses and this fit the bill perfectly. It matches EVERYTHING! I am 5"6 and 122 pounds. I found the 30 in the epi to look too big although I loved the 30 in the canvas . . .


  11. I like the Epi Alma.
  12. ^^^what he said.
  13. I like it in the alma best
  14. Speedy but I hear that they are sold out in the US.