black epi jasmin or alma?

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Black Epi Jasmin or Alma?

  1. *


    32 vote(s)
  2. Alma

    23 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. which do you prefer? i can't decide...
  2. I had to say Jasmin, but thats just me!
  3. The Alma fits more stuff and it has such a beautiful classic shape!
  4. Jasmin for sure! I just love mine, I get so many compliments it is so classy and pretty! You can wear it casual or dressy!
  5. personally, i prefer the jasmin over the alma. But if you feel the jasmin is too small for you, get the alma.
  6. The Alma shape has always drawn me in. It's such a classic bag and looks great in all the lines.

    For some random reason the Jasmin has never done it for me.
  7. I like the way the Alma looks.
  8. ^^I feel the same way too, LisaG719! Alma has always been my first love. I love the contour elegant classic shape.

    Jasmin is alright for a simple shape bag, but doesn't even draw me as much as the Speedy 25!:sweatdrop:
  9. alma gets my vote, its simply gorgeous.
  10. ^ITA!! :tup: Black Epi Alma is gorgeous, so classy!
  11. I love the Epi Jasmin especially in black -- then it just looks like such a classic, timeless piece. But I do love the Alma too, but in Damier rather than Epi.
  12. Alma is my choice. I think Jasmin is too small.
  13. it's a tie so far!!!
  14. Alma....Jasmin is too small.
  15. Hey girl! I have both styles and I have to say JASMIN! It does hold a lot! The style is sleek and you don't use the higher part of the alma anyway. Just my 2cents worth. I forgot to say that the list is what it can hold, the jasmin that is..:P

    1. Koala Mono agenda
    2. Epi Yen holder
    3. Mono cles/keys
    4. Mono tresor wallet
    5. Mono make-up pouch (older style)