black denim

  1. Hi, just had a couple toughts:
    - Will there be more items besides the cabby and agenda in the black denim?
    - Any ideas about what the next vernis colour will be? When should it be?

  2. i would assume that there's going to be more styles in the black denim since most of the older styles have been discontinued. i think it'll be the same as the pink and green denim colors from before.
  3. Which styles are discontinued?

    So we may expect black mini pleatys and baggys?
  4. i heard that there will be xl and xxl in both black and blue denim in Nov.
  5. <--------Waiting patiently for the phone call that my Black Denim Agenda has arrived...... {{{ sigh }}}......
  6. I saw the black agenda the other night....GORGEOUS!!!!! I wanted it, but had to step away! LOL I've way overspent this month!!!
  7. There is a denim agenda on Elux! Check it out!
  8. i think its everything except the speedy and mini pleaty, though those are not going to be made in black denim so far. i'm not 100% sure on this....hopefully someone else can clarify.
  9. Yes please! Thanks so much for your responses!

    That would be very exciting news!