black denim cabby mm and gm?

  1. Does anyone have both the black denim cabby in the mm and gm sizes?? I have the MM and am so tempted to get the GM. AM I NUTS?
  2. i only have the GM - but if you love it.. why not? it's like having both the speedy 25 and speedy 30... and lots of people have both
  3. I have a MM and if I were to get a GM, I'd probably get the blue denim one. I think they're kind of too similar to have both. That's just me though.
  4. If you want it then go for it!
  5. If it'll make you happy ... then get it!
  6. I would personally just pick one between the MM and GM...and then knock off one of your wishlist items instead... ;)

  7. I agree!!! Get the Blue Denim in GM.. I just think it's too much to have 2 of the same kind (eventhough the 2 are of diff sizes).

    I have the MM in black and blue.. :smile:
  8. I have the black GM and love it!
  9. If you love this bag - get the GM in blue denim. I've the black GM - have not used her yet!
  10. I have the GM only, I lilke the long strap, if you love it go for it. Why not consider the blue?
  11. go for it! why not? if you really really love a bag, then that's reason enough, i think....
  12. They're coming out with another style in black denim - -the XL. Why not wait and see how you like it?