Black crackled patent reissue with Gold hw

  1. Dear all, can you provide me more info about this bag? When it was issued, what sizes it comes in, retail price. I want it in 226 if anyone has any info of where I can get it. thanks.
  2. Ok.. I haven't seen this bag on the reference library so I won't refer you to the reference library after all. But I think infos are the same with the navy patent. I believe a pfer has the black one too. Wait for her to give a reply on this topic. And also, most reissues have same sizes. So you can check the ref. lib if you want to have more idea about reissues' sizes.
  3. thank you! I hope it comes in 226. I asked about the sizes because an SA told me that the patent classic flap only come in jumbo sizes.. I LOVEEE the crackled patent. Somehow the metallic black is just not doing it for me.. Maybe I have to see it in real life first. I put myself on the waiting list just in case..=p
  4. ^I'm feeling the same pinkcrazy! I feel like I'm not loving the metallic black reissue too.. But somehow, if I changed my mind later on.. I'm on the list too. LOL... Goodluck in searching the crackled patent in black! It's such a gorgeous bag! (Not to mention I'm carrying mine for work today! :biggrin:)
  5. wow you make me JEALOUS!!!! haha=)

    so can anyone confirm with me when this bag was produced and whether it is still available? i was told that nordstorm (where I usually get my chanels) have never ordered this bag so I have to call neiman, chanel, etc to find out.

    I am also hoping that a friend of mine can get it in London if someone can confirm with me that the price will be cheaper in london (with the tax refund and all) thanks
  6. The black patent reissues w/ Gold hardware were out Fall/Winter 2006. I have one in 227, paid about $2350 (not exactly sure). I think Nordies had 226s, why not give them a call? If you are still lucky enough to find one somewhere; I'll say, get it!
  7. I was told by an SA that Nordies never ordered that particular bag.. Which nordie did you see the bag at? I sooo want the bag.. I just somehow prefer the patent than the metallic black.. I just hope its TDF IRL!

  8. Keep in mind that it was like 6-7 months ago when they were out. I would PM Chanelboy who worked at Nordies; he might be abe to help.
  9. Thank you so much! =) hope to get it soonnn... the shiny black and stunning gold hardware is just irrisistible!

  10. They certainly are keepers!
  11. I think they don't have it anymore. SAKS I know, ordered them before. But that was MONTHS ago.. And I believe we were the last ones to get the navy patent.. (me, purrrfect & chanelfans) Never heard of anyone from PF got the black patent lately...
  12. I just got a navy patent last week and had the SA check all over for a black and there were none.
    I think as of not all the navy ones are gone now too....
  13. =(