Black compared with Indigo, any thoughts, photos?

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  1. Hi All, I imagine this question has been previously asked, but I coud not find anything in a search. Assuming the same leather, same style bag, are black and indigo too close in color? Obviously indigo had blue tones, but it photos it really looks very dark. Any thoughts? TIA!!
  2. I have both black and indigo Birkins, and the colors are definitely different (although indigo can look almost black in certain lights). I will try to get you a photo of the bags side-by-side later ;)
  3. Ranag, If you are able to do this, that would be great!
  4. I have a black birkin and indigo so kelly. Indigo is a great color and does look different in different lights and against different colors. Someone asked me recently if it was raisin.
  5. Indigo is a GREAT color. Extra special because in the sun, it is a beautiful, rich blue...(subtly different in different leathers) but appears black at night. Very special....
    Love the versatility of indigo. Hard to capture in photos....
    You just don't see indigo as commonly as black (although I LOVE black).....
  6. I have both colors and find them very different. I do wear Indigo with black clothes at times, looks fabulous with grey, navy,etc.
  7. Indigo does look very much like black under low lighting... If you already have black in the same leather and style, maybe you can get something with different hardware in indigo?
  8. I love indigo - it is such a deep, dark color. I'm not a blue girl, but this color is amazing! It will be lovely to see some photos comparing it with black - great suggestion! :flowers:
  9. Indigo is a great color goes well with jean and black.I love it! one of my fav blue.
  10. I think too close to black. JMHO. Since I have a few black bags already, I do not consider indigo in future purchases. Certainly in daylight, you can see a difference, but inside, I struggled to see a noticeable difference, unless put side by side with black. Otherwise, to me, they are very very similar.
  11. Is indigo available in chevre? I'd love to see that. Indigo has a purple sheen sometimes, which, I imagine, would be magnified in leathers that shine.

    As a black lover, I don't find the colors duplicative at all. I would wear indigo with jeans or any shade of gray. If you're not a lover of dark bags, however, you don't need both.
  12. Thanks to each of you for your views and thoughts. This is very helpful!:biggrin:
  13. I love the photos of indigo I have seen here and asked my SA about it a few months ago...she advised against for me. She didn't think it was particularly here or there as a color, and told me it's really not that practical, more for people with quite a number of bags. But then, she knows my taste.
  14. Indigo can look black in some lighting. I think it's a versatile color.
  15. Indigo is a beautiful colour. In natural light you can see the navy undertones but otherwise it can look black in indoor lighting. I was torn between black and indigo a couple of years ago when I bought my first B but I'm so glad I went with Indigo, I use my Birkin to death and it goes with everything. Black is gorgeous but Indigo is a special colour not seen too often. Here are my pics...

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