Black coats...

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  1. I'm on a coat quest! My black dressy coat is getting old. Any suggestions on a versatile coat that could go dressy, but still be good for day to day? I'm thinking about 3/4 length, not long. Maybe faux shearling or wool? Nothing too expensive:smile:

    Anyone else gotten or hoping to get a new black coat?

    Thanks for any thoughts:smile:
  2. Hi MandM,

    I think 3/4 length would work well for day night. How about cashmere? I saw some nice ones in the Thanksgiving day ads(Macy's?) that was reasonably priced. Warm enough for the elements but not too overbearing like thick wool. Good luck with your search! :yes:
  3. Mandy,

    What about this J.Crew coat? I think it'd be perfect, day or night.

  4. ^^oh wow, I love that coat! I'm just a little worried that it wouldn't be warm enough b/c it seems to stay open, but it's a definite possibility! I'm going to the site to look at the details.

    I'm checking out Macys too. Thanks guys!

    I just realized that there is another recent thread about winter coats too. This is only for black coats, lol, but if any moderators think they are really similar topics, we could combine:smile:
  5. Check out for outerwear, in either wool or double-cloth...very nice and fitted. samples:

    Or go to right now for a great selection and they're having extra 20% off coats until 6am 11/25.

    I actually have this one. It's really chic with a little bit of fur, and i always get lots of compliments on it.
  6. I highly recommend investing in a camel hair coat. The hairs are hollow, so you get warmth without bulk like with a wool coat.

    Here's one from Macy' (also comes in black) on sale for $279.99
    Macy*s - Women's - Larry Levine Camel Hair Coat: Regular and Woman

    Uhh, after checking this link these only come in woman's sizes instead of misses so I'll keep checking, sorry.....
  7. I think a nice option would be a black satin trench. It would be great for day and evenings out.
  8. ohhh! I bought this jacket a few months ago, its soo warm and you can definately wear it for day/night. On top of that, the jacket is NOT heavy at all! Its also very stylish and has a classic look to it... so then you can wear it for many fall/winter seasons to come!

    Ribbed Wool Coat by Rebecca Taylor
    available at for 473.00!~
  9. oooh, thanks guys! lot's of good options.

    Pursgrrl, I never knew that about camel hair! I was looking at a lot of the 10% cashmere blend coats, but hadn't really considered camel hair. I am all about the warmth factor (living here in PA!) so am checking out these camel hairs:smile:

    Randr -- thanks for pointing out the sale! I actually ordered a coat from Bluefly during the sale -- I'll post it -- but the smallest they had was a six, which may not fit me, so I may have to return it. Thus, I'm still looking for options if it doesn't work.
  10. mandy - if the 6 is too big, consider if it's a coat that you're only going to wear light or heavy sweaters inside. if you like the fitted look and it's just slightly big, it might be worth to go to the tailors...otherwise, if it's too big, i think bloomie or saks will be having their huge coat sales next week so you might be lucky there.

    which coat did you end up getting?
  11. ^^ Good point, randr! I wear mine over sweaters and go up a size so they aren't too bulky.

    MandM, too funny on the camel hair...I digress but my youngest cousin, quite the animal lover, used to give me SO much grief about camel hair and why I could be so thoughtless to wear coats made of it. I had to finally explain to her (as a young teen)..."it's OK...they don't kill them, they just COMB them." The look on her face was priceless.

    I'm sure your winters are much colder than ours in the Northwest but I tell you a camel hair or cashmere/camel hair blend will serve you well for years.

    Let us know what you decide!!
  12. I love this jacket!!
  13. I love J crew coats. I own 2 of them in wool and I love them. I am actually planning on getting a black one from jcrew. I'll post pics when I get mine.
  14. grrr...I just got my pretty Kenneth Cole Cashmere blend coat from Bluefly, but it's just too big. I'll probably re-order a size down, but unfortunately, the fabulous sale is over, so I'll have to pay more. Meanwhile, I've been reading that Bluefly returns can take forever. Oh well.

    I'm now thinking of either the size smaller in the same coat, or the Via Spiga grommet belted one. I'll update!

    Pursegrrl, that's so funny about your niece -- I was actually the same way! -- so glad to hear that they only comb the camels, lol:smile: