Black City - Styledrops?

  1. I'm feeling SO ready to add on to my small BBag family.
    The Black City will be next for me (although, one day it's RH and the next day it's GSH - I'll make up my mind sooner or later...)

    Anyway - of course I'd like to get the best bag - best leather - for the best price. I see that styledrops is mentioned a lot as of late, and I'm wondering if anyone had any BBag purchases with them.

    If so, I'd sincerely appreciate hearing about your experiences.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond! :okay:
  2. No one?
  3. Have not purchased from them myself but I found these links for you.

    Here & here.

  4. you might want to write and ask if they entertain requests for the type of leather you want.

    you could consider the price is better but they don't do requests. they (also) ship from italy. i paid by paypal so i already got the exchange rate upon payment. the funny thing is they'll show you the conversion in euro on their invoice. i almost freaked out but i actually ignored it, haha. i did confirm afterwards that they charged exactly at the paypal rate when i made payment.

    pls do a search in this forum if you wanna find out more about shopping with raffaello.
  5. Thank you. I tried a search - but couldn't come up with anything related to Balenciaga! I appreciate you being more patient than I am! :p:tup:
  6. I have ordered from Styledrops in the past.
    They are a bit pricey, but they had some hard to find bags that I could only get through them.
    I'm in the US, communication was great and I believe I received my order within a couple days through DHL.

    Hope this helps!
  7. Thank you so much for this.
    What bags did you acquire through them?
    Were you happy with the leather, etc?

    Now - please PLEASE tell me if I'm doing something wrong - but their pricing seems to be less than several of the other online retailers.

    AlohaRag has me, and a zillion other people, on a wait list for a black City. :crybaby:

  8. I really love the discontinued "Purse" Style.

    They still had some left over. The leather was terrific.

    I actually purchased 3 "Purse" style Balenciaga bags from Styledrops (not at once though).

    I really do recommend them if the price is right!
  9. I've found Styledrops to be VERY least $300 - $400 more than retail. Makes no sense to me to shop them. I don't recommend them at all only for that reason-I don't like throwing my money away. Diabro is a little bit better but Aloha Rag is the best, the have 2 day Fed Ex delivery and the customer service is awesome.
  10. Thanks very much - I appreciate it!
  11. did they tell you when you can expect to hear from them? raffaello-network still had one a few days back. and i just saw a new 06 black city on but it's already on hold. hope you snag one soon :smile:
  12. I've never bought anything from Styledrops but have been equally curious about them. They sometimes have bags that are very hard to find, but I'm put off by the super-high prices, and I wonder how their return policy is, since they can't send pics of specific bags (they only have stock photos of any given bag available). Also, do they ship from the US or Italy? Wondering if there are customs fees involved. If anyone knows about returns and customs fees, I would love to know.
  13. I bought a couple of times from Styledrops and I believe it was a good service. Sometimes prices are a little too high for me but they have a beautiful collection. As far as I know they ship from Italy and if you are in the US you don't have to pay customs fee. I think that you can verify their return policy on their website.
  14. I just posted in the main forum, under another thread that I started, that I'd hoped and prayed the bag on Ann's was mine. Apparently, someone emailed a few hours before I did to hold it. I was sooooo upset. I figured that was the bag that was meant to be. So upset. I'm still upset. I hope she goes to a loving home. I'm going to keep looking. Actually, I'm still torn between the RH and SGH. Anyway, I was coming back online to check out rafaello again.

    Thank you ladies, you're wonderful!