Black Chloe Kerala on Sale ???

  1. Has anyone seen a black Chloe Kerala on sale anywhere? :graucho:
    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. You might want to try Chloe SCP. They had tons of Keralas on sale a few days ago but I didnt ask what colors they had. I think they were selling for $600 something - super deal!
  3. They don't have it! :cry: Any other places? :idea:
  4. Did you try all the Chloe Boutiques? New York and LA?
  5. Cye
  6. They're closed today. I'll try again tomorrow!!!
  7. I got hold of one which is on its way to me. Pics coming soon!
  8. WOO HOO

  9. Thanks! :angel:
  10. Where did you finally locate it?
  11. eBay! I called around to a few NM's and Chloe's and was that I had pretty much zero chances of finding one...
  12. Yay! Can't wait to see pics!
  13. Awww, I'm trying to track one down too :sad:
  14. How much did you get it for? How do you know it's authentic?
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