Black Caviar Flap on Craigslist???

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  1. I'm thinking of selling my jumbo flap on Craigslist instead of ebay. Anyone else try that? I feel like ebay has so many fakes plus I can sell on the New York list and not have to ship my bag out of state. Curious what u all think. thanks.
  2. I've sold stuff on Craigslist before with no problems.

    Here are some tips:
    - make sure that you and your buyer are FIRM on agreement with the price. Nothing's worse than driving out and meeting someone, only to have them lowball you with a cheaper offer than what you originally agreed upon.
    - Do not accept money orders, Western Union transactions, bank transfers, or even checks. I personally have a strict cash only policy. I've heard of way too many people getting scammed.
    - Always meet up in a safe place with many people, like Starbucks or a mall food court. If a person refuses to meet somewhere public like that, it's already a huge warning sign.
    - If you say you're going to sell something to someone, sell it to that person. Don't agree to sell it to person A and then sell it to person B because they offered more. It's pretty rude.

    Hope that helps!
  3. I was thinking along the same lines except I was going to accept cash or bank cashier's check. U think a bank check can be faked, I'm assuming, which is why u don't accept. Maybe I'll do just cash then. Thanks. See what happens. If it doesn't sell, then I'll do ebay.
  4. Yes money orders and bank checks can be faked. I would also suggest you check w a bank re: how you can verify money is not counterfeit. I know I have seen businesses make a mark on money with a special pen. Your bank should be able to let you know how to get the pen and what to look for. I remember hearing that 20's are often counterfeited as well as larger bills.
  5. A good office supply store should have a pen for about $3 that stroked across a fake bill will change colors. I think the ink turns brown.
  6. ^Yup, I've seen them at Office Max. :yes:
  7. Isn't it sad that I want to sell a legitimate bag and I have to worry about someone scamming me.... not the other way around. I may not sell it. It's not that I don't like it. I just like my cambon bowler better. It's smaller and lighter to carry than the jumbo flap. We'll see.
  8. great information~
  9. you can always have them send money through paypal. you don't have to be on ebay to use paypals services. I've sold concert e-tickets on craigslist and had people send the money to my account that way.
  10. Now that's interesting. I've an account with Paypal. Wouldn't have thought of that. But so far I've already gotten a few calls. Someone asked if they paid in cash would I accept $100 less. Another guy (yep, not female) called and asked me if I'd lower price and I said jumbo flaps go for more on ebay so he may call back once he checks that out. I have a feeling I'll get cash which is great. I'll buy a different bag with it! Now that I've been on purseblog for awhile and visited the Chanel boutique enough, I think I'll make a better choice for the long term.
  11. congrats! cash is much better than dealing with paypal! :smile:
  12. Oh brother. One of the gals from purseblog phoned me about the bag and told me it now sells for $2600. So I called my sales associate from the Boutique where I bought it and she confirmed that my bag has gone up that much. Now I don't want to sell it. I can't believe I bought it for $1850 in April this year and it's gone up that much. That's a good investment and it is a pretty bag. I'm in shock.
  13. keep it!
  14. i think you should keep it too!
  15. I am keeping it for now. Mostly because it's gone up so much in price that it's become a good investment besides being pretty to look at. I will say this about craigslist though. In the week the ad ran in NYC I got a dozen phone calls, some outside NY, and at least half of them were serious buyers. So that was great to learn since I wouldn't want to sell on ebay. craigslist ROCKS!