black camo bambinone? black camo anything?

  1. Were there ever black camo bambinones made?
    Does anyone have one?
    Does anyone ever see them on eBay?
    I'm recently seeing just how cute this print is, but the only styles I ever catch on eBay are dolces and bellas....... I need something a little bigger (but not too big since the print is so tiny) and the bambinone has really grown on me :yes: help anyone?
  2. cool :smile: im glad you like your bambinone now
  3. xkaokaox- thanks! ;) me too. The more I carried it around the more I liked the style of it... and the placement was just too cute. Lindsey was so nice to help me with it- everyone was right about how great she is! As soon as I find the cord to connect the camera to the computer I want to post pictures of the AS bambinone. There's even a baby Adios on it. So cute :heart: It's so much easier than trying to sell a re-buy it in a different style, too. Do you have bambinones? Do you like them?
  4. i have a AS bambinone too xD! i like it a lot, at first i wished the strap was a little shorter because i'm not really a messenger bag type person, but i'm fine with it now :smile: btw, i love the adios baby! he's on the front middle of my baggie ^__^
  5. Exactly! I'm not a messanger bag person either, so it's basically one shoulder or nothing and it seemed an awkward length of strap to have on one shoulder... but now that I look at it (and shorten it as much as possible) it still looks pretty cute on.. it is tokidoki after all :huh:

    You have to love the strawberry latte and polpettina too. They made my bambinone worth loving!
  6. The AS bambinone was my first Tokidoki. It was also was so fun to get. I spent 2 days with my son's girlfriend looking for our perfect placements. Mine had a Koi on the front.
  7. aww i dont have a strawberry latte or the polpettina on my bambinone, i have a bastardino on the bambinone... and my strawberry latte is on the front of my zuca ^^

    and yea i agree, i pretty much only like shoulder bags. messenger bags arent really my thing... although i was plannin on getting a ciao ciao just to get more print. i bought my inferno bv though and it shows off just as much so im good hehe
  8. They were definitely made. I bought one when they first came out and then later sold it. I just didn't care for the Bambinone strap.
  9. I have 4 Bambinones (including an olive cammo one that I use the most often of the 4) and I love them! They're the perfect size handbag for days when I don't have a lot of stuff to carry around with me.

    (And btw, I don't mind at all when people post links to my bag archive or whatever on my blog - go ahead!)
  10. There was a black Camo bella bella that just sold on e-bay yesterday or the day before for like $71. And there's one now that's a BIN.
  11. $71! I wish I got that deal... much better than the BIN price on this one =/
    But the print is sooo cute on bella bella...!
  12. I was the ebayer that won that one!:yahoo:
    Didn't like the black cammo too much until I saw my Cangurino at Up Against the Wall and couldn't leave the mall without it. That print and style is too cute! I got lucky getting the bag at that price, but I figured since I paid so much for my OP bella bella on eBay that this deal evens it out.
  13. Congrats!! I had bid on it with $70 and when I was automatically outbid, I gave up because I didn't wanna pay more than that since I don't know what kind of Scotch Guard or how much the seller used, etc...

    Congrats, though!!