Black Cambon tote with white CC available?

  1. Hi, does anyone know if I am still able to find the large black Cambon tote with the white CCs? Preferably at NM or Nordstrom, otherwise a Chanel boutique is ok too. TIA! :flowers:
  2. there are some on and white cc logo are hard to find
  3. I just bought one today at Saks in Chevy Chase MD. It was their last one (I think, but not sure). They are out there.
  4. Check NM at Palo Alto. I was there last weekend and they had the black on black and the black on white. Good luck.
  5. Thats the one I'm hoping to get for Christmas [yes I know it is far away. I'm planning ahead:p]
  6. jeez. i hope i can find one in hawaii.
  7. Thats where I might have to be looking too.
  8. i really REALLY hope they have one. my mom HATES using her credit card. but i cant bring 1700 CASH on an airplane. she is in a mood where she is happy go lucky about hawaii. and if she doesnt front me the money now, i may never get one. i should call so i dont get disappointed.
  9. bvbirdy: here is the number for Chanel Waikiki 808-923-0255. See if they can hold it for you. SA tried to get me interested in Cambon because Coco Cabas was out. I did see black/black patent but don't know what else. Good luck!
  10. thank you! im calling both of the stores in waikiki, and seeing what ones they have. ill get black with black if i HAVE to, but i really want a black/white combo!
    crossing my fingers!
  11. There is a Large one available in Canada....
  12. i called both waikikis and i may be able to get one. i cant say anything more or else ill jinx it.
  13. Are they discontinued?
  14. Good luck with your search :smile:
  15. Thanks for the heads up miraco11!!!!! I called your SA and got the cambon tote in CAnada. I am so excited! I have wanted this bag for a long time and feel like I won the lottery!!! :yahoo:

    THANK YOU!:yes: