black cambon tote with black patent cc's - get?

  1. Hello!
    I'm torn over the large black cambon tote with black patent cc's. It is a beauty, but is it going to be "out" in a year? Is it already out?

    Thought this color combo might be more classic and have staying power..but need feedback! :confused1:

  2. I think the black on black is very classy and will never be "out." I say go for it! Let us know what you decide.
  3. Black/black combination is a classic.
  4. I just bought the medium Cambon black/black patent tote (a few months ago)......I love it. To me the Cambon is a modern classic for Chanel.
  5. I tend to wear whatever I like regardless of the trend. I would say go for it if you love it. :tup:
  6. i really like my blk /blk patent cambon med. tote. it is very pretty and can be worn dressed up or down. and i believe the large tote is a really good price, if my memory serves me correctly, it's about 1595 or 1695 ish? which is a "great deal" considering the prices of the new season chanels.
  7. The black on black is very classy. I saw a couple of totes at Tyson VA. NM. They had they on Sat.
  8. i agree. if you love it and it suits you, then you should get it regardless of whether it is *in*, other people like it, there are a lot of fakes out there, etc. the only opinion that matters is yours.
  9. this color combo is my fave for the cambon line. go for it!
  10. I think its never going to be out! I just got a cambon flap in black with white ccs! :biggrin:
  11. I like the cambon a lot but I see less and less of them around here.
  12. I hope it's classic ... it's the bag I'm saving for!