black breif rh on bluefly! check it out

  1. Thanks Alre309! Anybody considering it should check on the price though - according to the thread on the forum re: dimensions & prices, the regular price of a RH brief is less than the bluefly price! I don't know much about the brief though, so I could be wrong. Just wanted to give a heads up in case Bluefly is trying to pull a fast one!
  2. ^^I was wondering about that! what about the besace price? isn't that high, too? and there doesn't seem to be any good bluefly coupons available, either.
  3. What price did they have on the Brief? I can't see it with the direct link, since it's either already sold or in someone's cart.

    I also think their price for the Giant Besace is too high, but since the Dimensions and Prices for all Balenciaga Styles does not list the price yet, I couldn't find it to verify.
  4. ^^ I think it had the retail price at $1595 and the bluefly price was $1275...I think the dimesnions & prices thread had the retail at around $1195. It looks like they might have been using GH pricing, but it was an RH brief.

    I don't know what the price on the GH besace is...I'd like to know though b/c I want to eventually get one!
  5. I'm really annoyed at Bluefly for messing up these retail prices!!! I emailed them regarding the Part Time RH, but it looks like someone probably bought it at the inflated price (higher than retail).
  6. It does seem to me that they are incredibly careless as to pricing. The prices that they've been using for RH items are the prices for the same item but in GH.
  7. oh my gosh you guys are right!! I hope no one buys it at that price!! this happened to me once with a barbara bui bag and i called them and told them the original price is really lower so they had their buyers look into it and then they called me and said i was right-they took 20% off the actual retail cost and refunded me the difference so if someone wants it at 20% off the actual price you can prob get it with some phone calls
  8. That's a good idea, alre309...because my emails don't seem to have any impact whatsoever!! I just now emailed them about the brief price, but I'm not holding my breath...