Black Blake owners....

  1. So, I made some $ back on eBay & OT & bought a black blake from the purse store sale, now am back on full ban of course till after the holidays. I am wondering how the black soft calf has done in bad weather - I know some of the lighter colors had issues but hoping black is OK?
    My black tote seems like it'd be fine - but it's yet to rain when I've carried that bag.

    I planned on using her a lot this winter - bigger than my typical size for gloves etc. Hoping I don't have to baby this bag? Am I going to have to run for cover if it's starts to snow or rain a little? I'm already doing that with my colored MPs, hoping that's not the case here :confused1:
  2. Maybe try using Apple guard spray will help keep it protected from the rain. To be on the safe side, I'd carry a plastic bag of some sort inside so you can put your blake in it if it rains... these bags are too expensive to hope that it will be ok after the rain.

    Congrats on your new blake! I bet she's gorgeous!!
  3. I agree with Thithi. You should definitely Apple guard it and pack a plastic bag (maybe one of those x-large Ziplocks?) to protect it from rain. My biggest concern would be the exposed suede in the center of the bag. Suede just isn't meant to get wet....
  4. I always carry a heavy duty plastic bag with my venetia in case of rain and have used it many times!! With a few crazy looks from strangers!!!