Black Betty Bag

  1. My friend has been asking me loads of questions about my betty bag, about being ok in sunlight and everything and im really not sure, so i thought id come on here for some advice. I have a betty but my friend would like the same one. She wants to know if it will be ok in sunlight, (not to leave it in the sun all day) but walking through town in the sun e.t.c. I have to admit it is alot of money thats going to go to waste for her if she cant do that.

    Does anyone know if the black betty will be ok in the sun? also what about rain? Has anyone else got a black betty? and has problems?
  2. I don't have a black Betty, but I do have a black leather Chloe bag and the leather's fine.

    It has been lightly rained on, several times and has dried out with no problem.

    Obviously, if you left it in the sun all day, it would fade (all leather would), but a little sun on it, from time to time, shouldn't cause a problem.

    If it does fade really easily, or get ruined by a little rain, take it back to the store and tell them it's 'not fit for its purpose'. After all, it is a bag and should be capable of withstanding a bit of fresh air! :lol:
  3. Thanks for your reply chloehandbags :smile:
  4. That's OK! If I *bump* this thread, hopefully someone with a black Betty will be able to help you further. :biggrin: