Bitten by a bug from a Gucci garden!

I never thought I will catch myself lurking the Gucci forum here. I am a Balenciaga lover with my Bal love affair revealed here

So I just want to share with you Gucci ladies how I fell in love with Gucci because of a certain print. I think Gucci perfected the hobo bag with its myriad selection of hobos from Jackie O to Pelhams and Abbey which is a tote but somehow feels like a hobo. Some years back, I was able to get this from Ebay but it was somewhat small for my daily essentials then and the bag reeked of the previous owner's strong perfume which is why I had to let it go.

(Photos grabbed from the web)

I especially love the two horsebit buckles on the strap.

And the two diamond studs at the corners. Somehow it balances it off and brings the eyes towards the leather trims bordering the bag.

Lovely to carry when you don't bring the whole house with you.
Then last week, I stumbled upon this beauty. I am currently favoring the crossbody trend which frees both my hands during mommy hours and this was a nice compromise between having a hobo, a shoulder bag and a cross-body bag. However, I kind of don't feel so much for the tassels and the Gucci monogram canvas and ended up not understanding why I bought it in the first place. Maybe the long strap, I kept telling myself. Or because the size was just right for my 5-foot height.

The main iffyness about it is the short strap that stands up stiffly against your side when worn with the long strap. Somewhat like this but more stiffly and less glamorous. Like the bag wants to be something its not. I'm kicking myself for not taking actual photos of it before I returned it.
Then as I was trying to convince myself of my purchase of the above New Jackie O-ish bag, I stumbled upon this photo. I love how very understated it is, the shape is very interesting

I kept sticking to the Gucci forum here and had a particular print in mind but knew it was a long shot from reality as it is not a common print.
Without further ado...

My new to me Gucci Flora Bouvier
(All photos my own)

I love the vibrant colors against the black canvas. It feels like a fine painting on canvas with very discreet Gucci signatures hidden amongst the flowers.

I adore the lovely blossoms and how the black background and black leather trims make it somewhat low maintenance even with a middle canvas material. The strap is still stiff and the inside immaculate. I give the bag a rating of 9.5/10 as a pre-loved and I looooove it.

I love the size. The flaring at the bottom is somehow restrained by the black leather making it less triangular.

I had to edit my daily stuff so it will all fit nicely inside. My LV multicolor PTI sits happily inside with my Samsung S4 mini (similar in size to an iphone 4S/5) snuggling in its own holder. My Samsung Note 8 (similar in size to an Ipad Mini) is well contained inside.

It has a singular clasp in front with a very subtle Gucci name engraving. The hardware is a soft gold finish with a light golden color and a very high shine. The clasp and buckle is something I have to be used too. The strap is comfortable with a substantial thickness that will stand heavy handling.

The bag overall is very well made. The canvas exterior is of a hefty material as well as the interior lining which has a semi-coarse sack feel, definitely not cotton. The bag feels sturdy enough to be used and loved and shared on to the next generation. A classic in its own right.

I feel like her when wearing it.


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven

Congratulations my Bouvier sister!

(BTW, for those that need to know the new Jackie's tassel and shoulder strap is removable, as they are on the New Bamboo Top-handles)


May 2, 2013
Western Australia
The Jackie in gg canvas, does come in other non-gg canvas. I was looking at (still am) the diamante pattern as it is more understated.

The flora range is my obsession at the moment, and I have taken a stroll through this garden too.

Gorgeous bag, congrats.
Gorgeous bag! Congrats! :biggrin:
Thank you! It was in great condition so I was lucky and it felt like it was waiting for me.

Gorgeous but I also loved all the other Gucci bags
Thank you! I saw the guccissima leather up close and love the feel of it. I was actually choosing between this Bouvier Floral and a small Pelham in all black guccissima leather.

Beautiful bag and love affair! Congrats!
Thank you! This bag bug is soooo addicting but fun. I love them all!
The Jackie in gg canvas, does come in other non-gg canvas. I was looking at (still am) the diamante pattern as it is more understated.

The flora range is my obsession at the moment, and I have taken a stroll through this garden too.

Gorgeous bag, congrats.
Hi there! Love your wallet with a pretty yellow flower all proud and center and your happy clutch. For now I'm too scared to get a white. I might grunge it up and make me cry. So I'll just watch all you ladies and your beautiful white floral gardens.

Luv iz Louis

Jul 22, 2012
I really think the flora is so pretty with Gucci, I hope to get a piece sometime of that myself. Just not sure which one. But it is so ladylike and pretty.