Birthday Present for 21th.. Quick!!

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  1. Hey all, Im knocking off from work in 2 hrs. I need help quick b4 i head to the boutique. Its my cousins 21th birthday i wanna get her a Brown Box(with something inside.HA!). She is a Uni student, i wanna get her a GM Neverfull or something similar but TBF says since its her first LV she wouldnt "dare" use it for sch. I kinna agreed to a certain extend. So Wat do u think?. School Bag or Town Bag?
    BUDGET: USd650 / SGD1000 + -
  2. The options with your budget:

    -Papillon 26 ($615 USD)
    -Speedy 30 ($620 USD)
    -Speedy 35 ($645 USD)
    -Antigua Cabas PM ($565 USD)
    -Neverfull MM ($620 USD)
  3. Do u carry a LV Dictionary with u JOhn.. Ha!! Thanks for the help. Still cant decide. Sch or town bag.. ARGHH!!!
  4. i'd definately go for a town bag. considering im 21 and myself would be afraid to take out the school bag esp mono. plus town bag can be used for school too, durin exams lol

  5. ^^ Guess TBF was right.. If so maybe i'll get the speedy..
  6. I think the damier azur speedy 25 (SGD 950) is the best LV bag for her !! :tup:
    Classic & unique 21th bday present..
  7. How about the BH? It can be a school bag AND a town bag...
  8. I use my Batignolles Vertical for university sometimes.
    It has a good size for carrying around A4 documents :smile:
  9. lol time up so what did u get :p? so nice of u to get a bag for cousin :smile:
  10. Would have suggested neverfull mm....tell us what you decided! Suspense.
  11. I would have suggested a city bag, maybe a Speedy.. What did you get?
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions.. I got the MC Wapity for her. SGD570. Decided on smt small cos shes not really a Handbag kinna ger! Didnt have the chance to take pics.. Look out for my other thread. I coulnt resist a little something for myself..
  13. Ooo, I bet she'd LOVE the MC! So gorgeous. Will you be MY cousin?