Birthday Ideas!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    My birthday is right around the corner and I was wondering if you had too chose a bag would you pick LV 25 Damier speedy.... Salvatore Feragamo Gancio in choclate....or would you recomend any bag that you think is classic that will be in style for years. Limit 1000.00 thanks.:smile:
    P.S If you had to chose a gift card what store would you pick?
  2. The Gancio gets my vote :smile:
  3. I vote for the LV Damier Speedy! It's a sure classic!
  4. i'd get an epi alma b/c that's my current lemming. but of those two, a damier speedy gets my vote. :smile:

    as for gift cards, if you want a bag as much as i loathe Saks that's what i'd choose. they have most of the major brands avaliable there. otherwise Nordstrom!
  5. anyone else? I love your opinions. What do you think of a gerard darrel bag? Is it a bag that will stay in style?:heart:
  6. ok last time. Anyone??????? I really love your feedback. =o(
  7. How about the Damier Parioli or the LV epi Noe?

    Or, as you mentioned above: "any bag that you think is classic that will be in style for years" - look around at numerous brands/designs and keep your options open. :idea:
  8. Between the 2 choices you named in your original post, I would pick the Damier Speedy 25.
  9. definitely a LV Damier Speedy. It;s realli nice and classy.
  10. Without question get the Ferragamo. It is a classic beauty. Speedies are everywhere .... knockoffs included. I have a mono Speedy and a Ferragamo Marissa. I LOVE and use my Ferragamo a lot more. IMO you will get very bored of the Speedy. I did. It's a practical bag but not a fun bag IMO.
  11. LV Damier Speedy! And if you get the gift card i say nemians or Saks!! They have the best bags!
  12. I would go for the giftcard! You never know what bags are in the store just waiting for you:yes:
    I would choose a giftcard from LV or Chanel..butthe last one is not on your LV it would be than!

    When is your birthday?

    Hmm...the date tells me that I'm kind of late for a reply:roflmfao: