birthday gift ideas (it's for me!)

  1. Hello all!
    So, my birthday is coming up (in only a few weeks!)
    My bf's going to get me a Coach handbag (we also have a friend that works at the Coach boutique...bonus!) of my choice.

    Here's the dilemma: what do I choose? I'd like a leather tote-ish bag, large enough to bring to work (i.e. bit a notebook, folder, etc) but still lady-like.

    There's so many to choose from, what are some bags that people are loving right now? And nice colors?

    I'd love some ideas! I have quite the coach collection already, but there's always room for a new leather bag!

  2. First welcome! (And post pics of your collection, we love pics!)

    I'd say a Shoulder Tote in Pebbled Leather:


    OR, a Hamptons Stripe Large Carryall

  3. consider the carly !

    i didn't even like the carly until i saw pictures on this forum . i had to buy one in parchment color.

    cha cha
  4. I Like the Pebbled Leather that Krispin Posted.

    Here is a large Carly
  5. I am all about the Carly, too!!! Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. like your bags zipped:carly

    like your bags open:shoulder tote

    timeless bags but don't mind the wieght? something legacy.

    g'luck w/deciding! it's hard to choose.
  7. HUMPH. lol. i put : and the S from shoulder bag together and it automatically does that!

  8. ooooh...thanks everyone for your GREAT ideas! You've made me feel so welcome! (And trust me, no one else understands why I obsess like this over bags)

    I went to Coach today, and I think I want the Legacy "Ali"...
    I tried it in the Whiskey, and unfortunately, there seems to be no more black Ali bags in all of Canada (?!). hmmmm...I have a lot of brown bags I thought I would get the black one. Any thoughts?
    I've given them my name to "special request" the black one, should one come in....

    Black or Whiskey?
  9. Whiskey gets my vote!

  10. Your quote...(there's always room for a new leather bag)....My kind of Girl:yes: