Birkin / Kelly stationary ?

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  1. Hi I know now I'm seriously addicted:smile: anyway I did find a website that has birkin note cards... though wondering ... does anyone else has stationary and if so where did you purchase them? thanks:heart:
  2. Your post made me think.....I've always wondered if Hermes ever carried stationary?
  3. I saw some stationary over the weekend - the store had some on display with some other pieces, and they said everyone was walking off with the stationary...
  4. OOOh I would love to see that... sigh
  5. Where did you find it H&H?
  6. Well it isn't the stationary from Hermes it self but a cute birkin letterhead.. (I'm in no way affiliated with this site but to be found at pretty printing

    and just on etsy I found birkin cocktail paper napkins :smile:

    anyway I was just wondering if there was anything else out there with kelly's or anything and now that I hear Hermes DOES has stationary...I would lovelovelove seeing that.
  7. anyone seen the stationary Ranag mentioned ?
  8. My lovely SA gave me one set (on the blessing of the manager) years back and that was all my friends were talked about.

    It was actually their really classy office stationary with embossed logo Hermes used for thank you notes

    For a season I felt like a Rockefeller;););)
  9. It is not as cute as the stationary that you are describing :heart: It just has an "H" on