Birkin History Question

  1. What year did Hermes first make the Birkin in crocodile ?
  2. Good question! I don't even want to guess, I'll wait for the experts to respond to this thread. :smile:

  3. Great question Golconda!:tup:...does the winner get a croc birkin with the size nad color they want?:okay:
  4. Bumping up, because I'm curious...the Birkin came out in 1984.
    Did you ladies and gents who have been with this brand since
    then, have to wait until 1990 or so to see the first Croc Birkin?
    I could take a guess and say 1988?
  5. i do not know for sure but i believe around 1990(but for sure later than the box and regular leather ones .i just remember that jane was miffed about it and said it was unfitting
  6. I know that the first matte crocs came out around the late 1990s - year 1999 or 2000 something like that. I remember Hermes only had about 4 colors in the matte crocs and all are lined in cotton/linen. (rouge h, anthracite, havane and indigo blue)

    If I work back, mid-to early 1990s sounds about the right time when H made birkins with crocs. But am leaning towards mid-90s ...
  7. it has to be early 90´s (for the shiny croc) as i absolutely remember the strom bleu jean know the color first appeared on shiny croc (where it looked real denim like) and only later became a non exotic color as it was a huge success.
  8. Thanks, lilach, for the information. :smile:
  9. Lilach, that's so interesting! Thanks for sharing (as always) your immense knowledge.