Birkin First Or Kelly First?


Birkin First or Kelly First?

  1. Birkin

  2. Kelly

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  1. I'm trying to do a poll - which bags did you start with?
    1. Birkin First?
    2. Kelly First?
  2. Definitely Birkin, but they're harder to get..... so if i'm waiting for a birkin i would get a kelly to use as my H bag. love both styles
  3. My Kelly came to me first.
  4. I voted for the kelly !

    I feel the kelly is a more special and classic bag even though its easier to get than the birkin :p
  5. If I had the chance to buy either one at the same time, I would pick the birkin since it is harder to come by.
  6. I have four Kellys but still no Birkin. Hopefully, the one I ordered in January 2006 will arrive soon.
  7. It really depends on your lifestyle and when you want to use the bag! More info??!!
  8. I started with a Birkin (even though it was a JPG one) and my second H bag was a Kelly. If I had to do it again, I would do it in that exact same order.:yes:
  9. I purchased my Kelly off the shelf, then ordered my Birkin, which arrived 6 months later. I say go for whichever you have the opportunity to get first, assuming you want/will use both.
  10. Kelly
  11. I am in search of the birkin, but Kelly has been creeping into my heart :smile: My lifestyle is in jeans (80%) skirts incl. demin skirts (10%), pants(3%) I was learning towards birkin but seeing how ladies here worked their kelly and jeans. It's soo cool!
    I would get a slouchy kelly in 32 - it used to be the rigid.. my hermes wishlist changes ever soo often :biggrin:

    So I thought it is a cool idea to see what most of the ladies here feel and also something fun to "play/share" ideas :flowers:
  12. Kelly, classier bag IMO.
  13. I'm hoping to get a Kelly next year and a Birkin the year after that. :yahoo:
    I've always wanted a Kelly so that's what I would love to get first.
  14. I got 2 birkins before I got a Kelly. I love my Kelly, probably more than my Birkins, but given what I know, I'd still get a Birkin first. Why? Because otherwise even though I'd love the Kelly, I'd still be obsessing over a Birkin that I didn't have.
  15. Hmmm...good point WN... Birkin first...the birkin was a must... I am now debating birkin/kelly for #2...