Birkin club offered, do you like it?

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  1. #1 Mar 8, 2014
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    I was offered a birkin club by my SA yesterday. Based on her description, I found some photos online. It's Vert bronze and Blew Thalassa with barania trim. Never was a big fan of this particular style but I do like the Vert Bronze color. Please let me know what you all think my dear TPFers. Thanks! :tender:



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  3. I am not a fan of the Club but if you like it then you should get it. It is most important what you Think of the items you carry. Good luck!
  4. I cant see this pics....
  5. Thanks lovely64:smile: I'm currently traveling but couldn't help checking the photos over and over again :P I guess I will have to try it on in person.
  6. The only Club Birkin I like so far, is the Etain Club Birkin with lizard stripe (I think our dear TankerToad has one).

    I am not a fan of this one because of the horizontal Barenia stripe. Perhaps I would have liked it better without that extra horizontal stripe.
    But most important is, do you like it? Would this bag work with your wardrobe? Do you planning to buy more Birkins, or is this going to be your only one? Because if it's going to be your only Birkin, I would pick something more neutral, something that would be easier to wear.
    If you are planning to get more than 1 H. bag, and if you love this Club Birkin, then go for it.
    As long as you love it and it works for you, that's most important ;).
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    Personally I'm not a fan of this color combination - it reminds me of the NY Knick/NY Mets colors which I don't want to think about when I look at my bag. I also think it will be hard to match. However, I'm an incredibly boring person who likes plain bags in neutral colors so I'm not the best person to ask :smile:

    That being said, if you love the bag and can envision yourself with it, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Handbags are personal decisions and while I may not be able to pull this off, I bet you can rock this bag. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  8. Ok, so it is no secret I love the Club. I think this is bag is fantastic. But think to yourself.... if you will still love it in 5 years. I would, but would you? This combo is special but also an acquired taste. Lucky you to have been offered, and what a fun to decide. Good luck!
  9. I was offered the Gris perle with white, and blue lizard a couple of years ago in 35cm, and I have to say I bought it a little reluctantly because I wasn't in love with it. Plus I don't like 35 because they're so heavy. And for a while I thought it was hard to wear with anything because it's so casual and already has 3 colors (my personal style is very formal and sombre, limited to 3 colors per outfit).

    But it's been 2 years and now I can't live without it. It's the special bag that grew on me and found a place in my wardrobe by itself. I just plan my casual or semi casual outfit around it and it works. It's much more interesting than a regular birkin and a conversation starter.

    I love this one you're offered and I hope it grows on you too!
  10. i like the club, but not this version. i would pass.
  11. I like the club and especially favor TT's club.
  12. I have alway admired the club birkin, I think this bag is lovely, but it is a bag that has to fit into your lifestyle. The colors and sporty style of this bag have to work for you.
  13. I like the Club style but am not keen on this combo. For that amount of money, the bag needs to make my heart sing. Everytime I turn around, Hermes makes a color or combo that I looooooooooooooove.... so if it were me, I would wait for something that moves me.
  14. i think its pretty rare and always capable of selling, so thats plus for me... so its up to you to see if you are going to spend that much money or save it for something else
  15. I'm not keen on the club style myself but don't mind the ones I've seen online that are more tone on tone. You'll have to decide if this is a style that you want and a color combination that you like. Wait until you see it IRL, you'll be able to tell if it's love at first sight. G'luck! :smile: