Birkin as an investment

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  1. I recently came across an article

    that claims that the Birkin is a better investment than gold or stocks. I don't own a birkin (yet), but am curious about this article and what it professes. While in theory it all sounds possible, is this actually true in reality? Have any of you actually ever sold a Birkin that you owned and made a profit off of it (after consignment store fees etc)?
    Would love to know..
  2. no. This is just a general opinion because it's very difficult to get many Birkins. Even you have many birkins, it's hard not to use them. Once it's used, the value goes down a bit. therefore, don't think it's an investment. Take it as a very fun shopping experience.
  3. Possible to make a profit from buying (retail) and selling birkin but it depends on which region / market you are at..

    For instance Singapore, birkin prices are about SGD 15-16k retail while prices in Europe is about SGD10k (after detax) so you are able to arbitrage on the price differences.

    Singapore reseller market used to better; 1 - 2 years ago where a black b30 ghw - SGD 24k now probably SGD22k. Normal colors are about SGD17-18K; a second hand relatively new condition could easily still sell above Singapore retail price.
  4. Just my opinion- I don't see buying Birkins as an investment, rather as just good quality handmade bags that I can pass down to my DD. I still rather invest in property or gold! :biggrin::biggrin:
  5. I think it can be a good short term investment if you sell it right away after buying but I mean.... its a bag.

    At the end of the day, if you want to invest, you should find other financial routes to get more returns.

    That being said, although you won't get back the exact amount you paid for after using it, you can get a return of a significant amount if you ever decide to sell the bag.
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  6. so please bear with me and my girlfriends
    i know the deal of splitting your income into portions and do what you ought with them

    my girlfriend broke it down for me - if you have enough, go real estate; if not, buy whatever makes you happy

    and so there, if you are looking for ROI, i am sure there are stock options etc but no return are guaranteed - such is the nature of investment

    but a well-made (read luxury) handbag last longer and you get much more use out of it, hence the price per use may end up better than the average handbag - as some fashion icon say
  7. I have to say that bags such as Hermes are an investment in a way. As most of the time (especially Hermes) hold their value. At least in the last 10 years when I've wanted a different bag and have become bored with one style ( not my Birkin) but my Louis Vuitton or Chanel I've always be able to put them up for sale and either get my money back or maybe $100-$400 les depending on how popular a specific style was. I'm not say that you should buy Birkins instead of investing your money in more mane stream ways BUT if you can afford a designer bag or you save up for one it's still will hold its value to an extent. I have to say I always get top price on my bags because I am so careful with them. I always say to people who don't have a LV,Chanel, Fendi etc stop spending $50-$100 on crappy bags and save for the best bag you can afford and take care of it. My Louis Vuitton speedy is 35 years old and I carry it still. My mother bought it for my 16 birthday. Here are pictures of it. I have my daughter one for her 16th too. Hope this helps. I did read the same article. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462831954.392842.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462831977.959194.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462831999.830867.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462832020.262806.jpg
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  8. This is my daughters I couldn't help but have it customized.... I've never done it before but I find its so lovely!!
  9. acjoy it's awesome how well you took care of that bag!! No wonder you always get good prices for them! I try to baby my bags as well, and can't believe the condition of some of the bags that are listed on consignments...:sad:
  10. Your speedy is gorgeous!!!! I hope mine look this good after 30+ years. :loveeyes:
    I don't buy bags with the intention to sell them. However, I've recently sold a few Gucci bags I'm no longer using and I lost a lot. I feel confident knowing that my LV and Hermes bags, which I rarely use since I work from home, will yield a good return or I'll at least break even if I ever must sell.
  11. Real Estate is my only investment. Bags not so much...more of a Fun-vestment!
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  12. I think that is a very sensible approach; I look at my Double Sens in Ruby and Bourganvillea and I see an utterly beautiful classic bag which, with care, will still be going strong for many decades in the future.

    I'm almost certainly going to buy a Victoria II in Geranium, because it's an utterly beautiful classic bag which, with care, will still be going strong for many decades in the future.

    And if I'm run over by a bus then my daughter will love the bags as I do - I do take that into account with the colours I choose, so I suppose you could call it estate planning :smile: - and I've achieved my aim.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't buy Gucci because I know it won't retain anything remotely like the price paid, and I can't see them lasting as I know Hermes leathers will do.

    Equally, I bought the new LV Alma B'N'B because I and my daughter fell in love with it, but it's backed up by LV's long experience of making bags which last; I expect her to be using it for decades.

    I am not a big fan of the Kelly or the Birkin, and I would never buy something which I didn't really like; I sympathise with those standing in queues at the Paris shops who really do love the designs, and wish them every success, but it's not for me. :smile:
  13. I don't think bags are much of an investment; however since Birkins hold their value, it makes me feel better!
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  14. I agree with this. An investment is something which is expected to increase in value. Hermès bags are a wise purchase versus trendy bags, as they are not worthless within a year - but owning them is not a "portfolio" :P The group that did that "study" vis-a-vis gold that sparked so much "bags as investment" talk was just looking for PR; as research it was beyond unscientific.

    It is always nice to know that should you tire of an item, you are likely to recoup some value. The term "investment" dressing has always been deceptive - it's more like "not wasting your money" dressing, or lowering cost per wear :P
  15. i think it might only be some croc one or rare material one..