Bird lovers- help?

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  1. Hi! Due to allergies, I do not have pets. (But am getting allergy shots so that maybe someday we can have one.) SO, I do love animals, but I do not usually post here.

    My predicament:

    A TON of robins are living in my holly. Due to the early warm weather I think they came around, and now it is about 4 degrees out. What can I do to help them? I gave them a bunch of bread this morning, but I don't know what else to do. Our birdhouses out back are occupied with other little birds; I don't think the robins like them anyway.

    ANy advice would be appreicated. I want to take care of these robins, but spring is a ways away and i am worried about their well being in this cold weather. thank you.
  2. Birdfeeders are a great way to help! Be sure to get one that's squirrel-proof, otherwise I'm sure they will steal all of the food.
  3. Feed them by putting out bird houses and houses that they can nest in...
  4. ^ okay- thanks. all of our feeders and houses are in the back yard and for some reason the robins like the front yard. thanks so much. i feel so bad for these spring birdies!
  5. I wouldn't worry about them too much - believe it or not, they're tough little birdies :biggrin:
    Making sure to have food available for them will help though and at least you'll know they're getting well fed (and a result, probably are a little less cold outside).
  6. Tossing them some bird seed would be good! Just be sure that any birds you regularly feed through the warmer months get fed during the winter months because they can become depended on you and with a food shortage in the winter they can easily starve! Birds can starve in a matter of a few days too.
  7. Bird seed would be good - bread doesn't have that much nutrition and the yeast it in can sometimes cause the bird's digestive system to go out of whack so we wouldn't want that.

    It's sweet that you're watching over them :smile:
  8. Good luck with the Robins. So glad you are caring for them.
  9. Thank you! I will get lots of birdseed. suet, too? i think the local squirrels feast on the bread...
  10. Get a bird feeder and some suet balls/cakes.

    Suet is basically fat. Birds and small animals love them in winter because the fat provides lots of calories.

    Kinda the equivalent of a delicious sinful calorie rich meal!