Bill Skarsgård

  1. Hemlock Grove Werewolf Transformatin

  2. Interview Magazine, April 2013
  3. Fanpics from WonderCon - fallen_star1 @

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  4. Two more from fallen_star1 - Bill Skarsgard Wondercon panel for #hemlockgrove

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  5. She certainly gets to see the Skarsgårds..
  6. [​IMG]

    Awkward much?
  7. The premiere of "Hemlock Grove" held at the Casa de la Bola, on Wednesday (April 3) in Mexico City.

    Bill with Eli Roth and Landon Liboiron

    source: jj and hemlock grove facebook
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  9. Bill is looking fine in that grey suit. Must have paid attention to his older brothers.
  10. First reviews sound average. Here's Indiewire.