Bill Skarsgård

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  1. Good idea.

    It's better to post the pix instead of the links.



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  3. how do you post pics idk hoiw?
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    ... a few which I like :smile:





  5. Alexandre got all the looks..... I see.... I get Tim Burton teas from him....
  7. if you guys have any gossip on bill post here because on some tumblr they were saying that bill and a guy named jakub gierszał were a couple or something he's the blond guy
  8. Bwaahahahahaha!!! That's such an old rumor and not even the closest to true. People came up with this gossip because Bill and Jakub got along so well during the Berlinale (both being selected as Shooting Stars) and were mostly seen together in pictures. I think they just founded a great friendship there which obviously continued because I think they met afterwards. The one pic of Bill I posted above with this woolen hat on actually belongs to Jakub, I think. And btw, if the status hasn't changed yet Bill still got a girlfriend.

    This one.

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  9. Is it just me or does he look slightly cross-eyed?
  10. No, I think you are right. He's still cute tho, in a little brother kind of way.
  11. Bill at the Artists For Peace and Justice event at TIFF with his brother Alexander.

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