Biker in Python SS2013

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  1. Hello girls.

    What do you think about this Jimmy Choo bag?
    It's a Biker (in painted python) and will go in advertising next season.

    I love it, except for the price. :P

  2. I think it will make a lovely Summer bag. It's also a bag to care for and keep forever :tender:
  3. For sure!
    the only problem is that price 3250€. :crybaby:
  4. Oh, this is really pretty!
  5. They did also the Chandra bag, the Small Biker and a (very) high heel open toe.

    I'm curious to see the advertising.

  6. The smaller one could tempt me...I saw this in black at Saks and it was a little too big for me.
  7. The small one (in black) is actually the best seller in Jimmy Choo retails.

    Also because it has a good price (in Italy 995€).
  8. I agree, wholeheartedly! This is a beautiful bag as with all of Jimmy's bag creations! Hefty tag as usual but a great investment piece as well! Gorgeous;)