Big *sigh* of relief!

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  1. #1 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    Tribeca- berry/plum was my ultimate HG and over the weekend I returned her (fears of cracking problems) and went to the outlet over the weekend only to end up very disappointed in the selection they had. I felt horrible letting Miss Tribeca go (she went to good home though). So tonight, I found this little lady. I'm not too fond of patent, I like the plain ol' leather and siggy material the best. I think I made the right decision. Also here is reveal of my accordian-zip wallet I picked up the outlet- Love her too!
    Introducing Miss Penelope in Berry!! :yahoo:


  2. Its beautiful!!
  3. love the color
  4. Love the color. We're bag cousins I have her in Green Leather.
  5. Pretty color-- that's a gorgeous plum! And the leather trim on that line is so buttery soft. Congrats!
  6. Sorry you gave up the Tribeca but I'm weary of the cracking too! I think you replaced her with a gorgeous bag! I love the color, its so rich and the leather is nice!
  7. very pretty shade of purple. I want a new bag!
  8. pretty color. i have always liked that bag
  9. I'm just stuck on Berry/plum colors!! Congrats!! Luv it!
  10. it good choice
  11. Very pretty! Enjoy!
  12. nice new bag !
  13. I love the purple color!
  14. Purple is always a GREAT choice!! Berry is so pretty!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!
  15. Love it! I am actually addicted to purple! : ) The color looks super great on this bag! Congrats on the bag and the wallet! Hope you enjoy using them!