BIG Question about Be&D - my FIRST!

  1. Hi guys! During NM's CRAZY private sale, I got this gorgeous Be&D stella shoulder bag (in Chocolate) for a veritable steal:

    I was in love with it immediately, but I have a question about the zippers, and need to call on the experts here. NONE of the zippers are marked YKK or Lampo. On the underside, however, they're each numbered underneath with codes that run sequentially: 5D, 5E, 5F, 5H. Does anyone think the lack of zipper branding should be a concern? This is my first Be&D, so I'm looking for insight here.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ;)
  3. as long as the zipper slides nice and smoothly I don't think it matters. What bugs me is when a zipper isn't like butter, it should just glide...if it sticks, or if there are very sharp edges that is a sign of a poor quality zipper.
  4. I checked my 2 Garbos that I got from Bergdorf Goodman online. The zippers are not Lampo or YKK either but they're both marked with a little M with a circle around it.

    I think if you bought it at NM, you don't have anything to worry about. Did it come with the Be & D authentication card that has a little hologram on it?

    Your Stella bag looks very pretty! I love my Be & D bags. Hope you love yours too!
  5. Hey Luvpurses! Yes - auth. card w/ hologram & care card were included. I really love this bag - it smells yummy, and is roomy with JUST a little bit of rock-n-roll! I am excited to finally own my FIRST Be&D!
  6. ^^I'm glad you love it! It's funny you said "a little bit rock-n-roll." When I first took one of my Garbos to work, the other teachers were so shocked at it because it's such a departure from my usual handbags. One of them said, "That's a rock star purse!" LOL!:p