Big Credit and PCE...what to get?!?!

  1. I have a credit for about $650 and the PCE. I am wondering what to get. I went to Coach today and nothing really caught my eye. I know that I am getting this bag for sure in black: I fell in love with it when I saw it. I don't know what else to get...any ideas? I travel light lately so I don't need a huge bag. What would you do? I am also thinking of one of these: but I tried one on and it seems too boxy. Help anyone? TIA!!
  2. I just bought my mother in law the Hamptons Satchel in black today!! It is a really cute bag. I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow after she is done working. My husband got me the Soho Multi Print Hobo and the Dragonfly Wristlet and they should both be here on Thurs!! I like the Sig Stripe in black too.
  3. I am thinking about the sig stripe myself. I think once the stuffing is out and it slouches a bit it won't be that boxy.
  4. If I didn't already have the black patent ergo I would be getting the brown one for sure. Get the large patent ergo in the dark brown! It is so nice.. Yes, it is big but it really isn't huge when you wear it.

    Other than that do you need a wallet or a wristlet or anything like that? I got a heritage make up bag coming to me.. I think I'll like it.
  5. I didn't like the second, but the first one was cute.
  6. The first black satchel is really, really cute. What about a scarf and new wallet to match the new bag?
  7. I agree with some of the other posters who suggested accessories (wallet, scarf, keyring) - either to match one of the bags, or something to use with all of the bags in a nice springy color since both of your bags are mainly black. I have $400 merch credit myself, but I pretty much have everything I want from this release, so I'll be saving mine for whenever the pleated ergos come out, which I'm sure with my luck will be before the next PCE!
  8. I love love that satchel ash... definitely a good pick! I thought you wanted a lily? or are you waiting for it to come out in other colors? do you have a carly? what do you think about those?? Maybe get some matching accessories to go w/that satchel you like? :smile:
  9. ashdir,

    I have the Hamptons in leather and absolutely LOVE it - it's such a classic looking bag and so shartp - the stitching is TDF.

    You won't be disappointed in this bag - it's stunning! And I'm not sure about the signature, but the leather has the prettiest baby blue lining. It makes me smile every time I open her up :rolleyes:
  10. I have a Carly, actually two, and I think I am going to wait for other Lily colors. I am actually liking the canvas/chocolate one but who knows! As of right now my list is the black satchel from the first link, the large hoop earrings and maybe my Lexi glasses (finding out if I can get Lasik tomorrow :yahoo:) I don't need a wallet since I don't use one anymore. I dunno, maybe a medium Lily but it is so big! lol
  11. Ya it has a light blue purpley color inside. I love it!
  12. The satchel is cute. :tup: If you are not feeling anything I wouldn't just buy to buy, even with your credit and pce. You can always save some of it for next pce or better yet use some at the outlets. :tup:
  13. Your right, when I have the PCE I have the urge to just spend! lol
  14. I agree with a few of the other gals! Maybe use your PCE for some accessories, and save the credit for when something comes around that you really love and there is no PCE to use! :smile: Enjoy whatever you decide to get!
  15. haha ash your funny! well be sure to post pics if you decide to get that satchel! we all want to see it!! :yahoo: Good luck w/deciding!! :yes: