Big Bags Rule

  1. I love the patent Chanel!!!!! I guess I'll start saving now for fall!!!
  2. Very cool! I dont think I would dare carry a bag that large unless traveling though, lol. I liked these the most -




  3. Wow, those are insanely huge! :shocked: I don't think I carry around enough stuff to fill 1/8 of those bags!! Unliess I filled them with tissue paper, those bags would look pretty saggy if I carried them around!
  4. Whoa, those look more like luggage than handbags...I think I'll stick with something smaller.
  5. Neat looking bags but really impractical for everyday use unless you really do carry the kitchen sink with you. They look more like overnight bags.
  6. I love big bags! I need room to put my stuff in. And, there is something so chic about a big designer bag. yummy!
  7. Nice for traveling purposes, but you'll get stared at on the street. Not in a good way I mean.
  8. Beautiful bags, but, at 5'2", I think I would look like a 5-year-old playing dress up :roflmfao: .
  9. I am "big boned" so big bags kinda even me out!!! I look ridiculous in a pochette even though I have one, I just don't carry it on my shoulder!
  10. I adore big bags. My horsebit hobo doesn't feel too big to me.

    But these are crazy big! :blink:
  11. I thought my spy was big!!!
  12. I agree the pink bag is so big!
  13. they're HUGE! as someone who is a mere 5'1" i could get INTO someone those..literally! cute tho!!
  14. I'm 5'2 and I love huge if I could only stop knocking things over when I turn!!