big bag for tall girls?

  1. ok, so i'm 5'9", slim and i have a question? which looks better on me, big bags or small ones? :yes: will the small ones would get "lost" on me coz of my height?
  2. I would say bigger bags but ultimately, one looks best with what one feels most comfortable with.
  3. I'm just shy of 6' and really love my big bags!
  4. I am 6'2" and love big bags. I have wanted a Speedy for a while now, went to LV and was dismayed to find that even the 30 looked like it was too small for me. COntemplating the 35 of course!
    My favorite bags which don't seem to get lost on me are my RMinkoff MA, my RM Nikki and my Abaco Blummy.
    I used to love the cutesy cross body bags, but then I realized I looked silly.
    I think a girl over 5'10 or so needs to carry a larger (not necessarily huge) bag by day, certainly a clutch or smaller is fine at night. Just my not so humble opinion....
  5. Additionally, I have to post on the Anna Corrina tote comment (Mini city): I really wanted that bag BUT
    It looked RIDICULOUS on being that you are 5 " shorter than I , it may be OK, but it was truly way too small for someone of my height.
  6. I recommend, being 5'10 myself, the Belen Echandia "Love Me" -- it's a perfect size for us! I have it and love it!
  7. Tall girls can wear anything.
  8. I'm tall and love big bags, I feel the small ones get lost on me. I look like I'm carrying a kiddie bag. That said, each one of us feels comfortable with a certain style, whatever goes and whatever YOU prefer is the key.
  9. totally agree:tup:
  10. I'm also quite tall and I feel that strap lengths are the problem, far more than the size of the bag. :yes:

    A too-short strap is what makes me feel as though I'm carrying a child's bag; just as too-short sleeves/trouser legs make me feel as though I'm wearing a child's clothing. :yes:

    I think that's partly why I often default to a clutch when there aren't many long-strapped bags about.

    On the whole, I would say that the larger sizes of bags will work for you best, but that doesn't mean that you can't wear smaller bags; as long as the straps are long enough/adjustable. :smile:
  11. i would say bigger bags but proportionally TALL and NOT WIDE :p
  12. I am tall and love large bags.....They make me look slimmer too!!:yes:
  13. If you like shoulder bags I think Prada/Miu Miu are great with their extra long straps. Look great on tall girls!