Big bag craze: Is your bag too big??

  1. So tell me tpfers - how do you decide when a bag is too big for you? Has anyone noticed the big bag trend that has been so popular? Why do you think we love our big bags? I happen to like the utility-purpose of my big betty tote. Do you have pix of celebrities toting theirs? Here are some for example:

  2. I can pull them off better than most since I am so tall but I have to say from experience that when they are out they are OUT. So I say buy with caution. Don't spend the big bucks unless you don't care.
  3. Never got into them at this caliber. Luggage is a pain enough to carry, why would I want my purse to be like that?
  4. I love big bags whether they are in or out. Not quite as big as the ones in the pictures above though. I don't like feeling like my things are all stuffed in thats how I lose things. I like alot of space in my bag especially when I'm running errands.
  5. Quite frankly? With a 3 year old child, I really don't like to leave home without leaving much behind. LOL. Especially since 9-11 -- call me paranoid (my car is stocked with emergency supplies too, can never be to prepared)

    Also, you'll never know when you'll help a day I was at the local park and a dad brought his boy there with a brand new remote control car still in it's packaing. Poor dad thought he could just open up the packaging and get the car going but he didn't have any tools to open the battery case. Luckily he asked me if I would happen to have any tools in my purse (jokingly of course). At the time I had my Marc Jacobs stella and low and behold, inside I had my multi-tool which had the screw driver attachment....lucky for him (and his son!).


    So yeah, the bigger, the better!
  6. I only use realy big bags to travel...but in general big bags don't look good with me, because I'm thin. Would be like....bag-with-woman not like woman-with-bag, you know what I mean?

    I don't care for the big-bag hype, because I will always prefer smaller sizes. Up to 2 bigger bags for shopping are ok for me...
  7. I like big bags :smile: can be fun to carry at times.
  8. I agree. With children big bags are definetly more practical :yes:
  9. I love having everything with me, all my life is actually in my tote! But I still don't own huge bags, as they can be really heavy with all my stuff. I'm quite tall, so for me bag is too large when it's too heavy to drag everywhere with you.
  10. i luv big bags too, but i carry the styles that dont look like a luggage..
  11. I think if you can climb into a bag, then its too big lol :graucho:

    Seriously, the big bag trend began, because it makes these seriously underweight celebs look even smaller and more vulnerable, you just know they have nothing really in there that they need to carry, as they could get somebody else to hold it for them!!

    I love a big bag now, I never used to, but I would not go larger than my Fendi Spy, that is about as big as I can get away with, as I am only 5.2
  12. Big bags are nice..but I prefer carry bags proportioned with me and this is the reason why I decided to buy a Baby
    Paddy (not just because is veeeery cute:love:!!!!).

    One day I'll buy a regular Chloe Paddington surely..but I doubt that one day I'll opt for a large size...:smile:
  13. I totally agree with the wanting to look vulnerable thing, and that's what I think is behind the "trend" for some of the celeb gals who carry bags they could easily use as a sleeping bag as a purse. What the heck do they have in there?:confused1:

    I'm 5'9 and I have a few larger bags I will tote for work. I think I can pull them off, and I think they look chic, but they aren't my favorite bags to wear. I like dainty feminine bags just as much if not more. I have very "girly" taste in bags these days.

    But I say, to each her own. If you like larger bags, then go for it. Just keep in mind that if the bag is larger than you are, it might be too big. :p
  14. I had a large Chloe Tekla and it was HUGE. A gorgeous bag, and it garnered tons of compliments in the city, and acted as a great subway (metro here) bag. I'm 5'9" long legs and long everything (I was soooo clutzy as a kid) and it even looked big on ME.

    That said, it was MONSTROUSLY huge and hard to keep organized. I had approx 300 heart attacks thinking my wallet was stolen, lost or forgotten but was in fact only hiding in a fold of this bag.

    When the handle broke as I've heard a lot of these bags do, I replaced it with a slouchy, pretty Chloe Ava with a very comparable leather. And it's SMALLER mind you. Less heart attacks, too... which comes as a nice bonus!! :smile:
  15. My biggest is Chloe Blanc East West Bouler--saving it for summer so I'm reserving judgement on how big is too big! They are in though.