Big bag bucket (seau) nano size. Does anyone have it?

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  1. Hello dear all!
    Lately I’ve been looking a lot at this bag. Does anyone have it? What does it fit? Can you wear it crossbody?
    Also, would love to see some pictures if anyone likes to share!
    Thank you all!
  2. I have it! Great size for essentials (phone, wallet, key pouch, sunglasses) and then what I consider “extras”: water bottle, makeup pouch, or a book. I have a pretty small wallet (LV’s Zoe) and I imagine it’d be hard to fit in as many “extras” if my wallet were larger. Just something to keep in mind if you have a larger wallet!

    You can definitely wear it crossbody. I’d just gotten the bag here, so I don’t think I got the strap length quite right. Also I left the belt that goes across a little too tight...was too excited to wear it.
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  3. Yours is a fabulous colour!