Bidpay how long does it take to clear?

  1. I had a buyer in Hong Kong pay via Bidpay on Sat, Oct 13. The payment is still 'pending'. Anyone deal with Bidpay and overseas payments? Does it usually take this long?

    This is my first tranaction with Bidpay. I had a buyer from HK begging to buy my bag via BIN, so I allowed only if she paid with Bidpay b/c I know Paypal will not cover me. I am sending the bag out USPS EMS with sig confirm and insured for full price paid.

    Love to hear from anyone who has used Bidpay.
  2. 2 business days for US buyers
  3. If she is new to BidPay, has no account with them - yes, it can take more than 2 business days for payment to be aaproved.
  4. It got cleared this morning, bag has gone out.
    Thanks for your replies!