Bicester Village (nr London, UK)

  1. We went to bicester a week and a half ago, and I was a tad disappointed. I think it's because I was expecting a shopping experience like at Woodbury commons. Compared to the states, the deals aren't that great, but compared to shopping in london, it's worth a trip. I only bought a juicy couture charm for £19 and a lotion and hand scrub set from l'occtaine. DH bought a pair of shorts from g star raw for £10 since the belt loops were slightly ripped, so the manager was willing to cut the price and a pair of boxers from levis. I was mainly looking for bags and shoes but didn't see any real steals. The Burberry outlet had a big selection, but I already bought stuff from the factory outlet in London. I liked the juicy couture outlet, but some of the charms were still pricey. Prada had a nice selection of bags, and the prices and selection were basically the same as at Woodbury commons. The store was so busy though, so I didn't even feel like spending long there. Gucci had a lot of bags, but nothing too eye catching IMO. Tory burch had some cute flats, and the staff at the hearts on fire outlet are the nicest SA's I've met in the uk. We only spent like 4 hours at bicester, but I guess it's because we didn't go into every store. I knew I could get better deals at home on most stuff, so we only went to certain stores. Parking was surprisingly easy to find even though it was a Sunday, but we took a few wrong turns to and from bicester :p so it took us a couple of hours each way from London. Maybe the shopping express would have been better...especially since we didn't buy much.
  2. Does anyone have feedback on the Mulberry outlet? Are there classic bags in classic colors (Bayswater in black??) or are they all the bags no-one else wanted..? Also, Burberry outlet in London??? I've heard of this mythical place but wasn't sure if existed, it sounds like it might be worth the trip? TIA
  3. Oh I love Bicester village!! Been there two times!! I bought these amazing Marni shoes and a DVF coat in such a good price!!
    Anybody that hasn't visited this place should do so cause you can find really good prices!
  4. :biggrin: TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! I love this place, I remember I bought a Gucci monogram leather men's wallter for 80 pounds (approx $160USD!!!) which you'll never able to capture this kinda deal in NY's premium outlet. It's definitely a must visit if you are in London!!
  5. That is some purchase! Excellent find :smile:
  6. Hello, I am looking to go to bicester village but does anyone know when the summer sales begin this year??
  7. I absolutely love Bicester Village! I scored a Alexander McQueen dress knocked down from £550 to just £60!!!
    love it there!

  8. wowww!! Great buy !!! I must go there again!! :lol::lol:
  9. Mulberry does have some classic bags, haven't seen many blacks but there are plenty of brown bags usually and exotic skins like ostrich. Price-wise it depends on how much you want the bag. I got a brown Bayswater for £270 about 5 years ago from there but now the prices (in all the shops imo) have increased too much. The whole place is a bit too well known now and deals are hard to get though I would disagree with the person who said Woodbury Common in NY had better deals since I found that a wasted trip.
  10. I agreed ! Burberry @ Woodbury common can no where be comparable to Burberry @Hackney.... Woodbury has nothing!
  11. as a whole, i think woodbury commons is a better shopping experience. of course the burberry outlet in london is better than the one at woodbury commons, but i can't think of any other store at bicester that is better than its counterpart at woodbury.

    needless to say, DH and i won't waste time going back to bicester, but the burberry outlet in hackney is definitely a must for our trip back to london.
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    Hi. Im new to this forum. I hope someone could answer my question: are the bags sold in bicester outlet stores like prada & burberry authentic or fake? Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
  13. I agree
  14. I went to Bicester a year or so ago and didn't really see anything which was a bit disappointing considering it cost about £40 in petrol. I'd like to go again but maybe at the beginning of next year when I have a bit more spare money!
  15. My visit was disappointing as well.