Bianco Solid

  1. hi i was wondering how many of you have anything in the bianco solid. i love it but in vancouver they only carry it in the mamma mia, gioco, canguro and a few other ones i dont like... i have been wanting it in a nuvola but was afraid to order it from lesportsac i am not sure how much they tax at the border.. it says it will be cod by ups. i went on their site today and its the summer collection. as far as i know none of the stores that sell it in van have recieved anything in nuvola. do any of you know anyone that would happen to have one and wants to sell it ? or do u think if i call lesportsac they will still have any? thanks! this is my first thread! =)
  2. You will get charged a lot if you order from the website...but i don't know where else you could find it. Not many people have bianco anything.
  3. ya i noticed not many items on eBay and no one around here talks about the bianco solid or claims they have one.. i emailed the lesportsac in ny. they said they haf the nuvola but cannot sent it to canada something about they cant verify international billing adress on credit cards? to bad i dont know anyone in ny or in the states. canada sucks.. they either jack up the prices so much at stores and they dont carry much styles.
  4. i was at the Nordstrom in valley fair (san jose, ca) yesterday and they had a bunch of the bianca stuff. not sure if i saw a nuvola though.
  5. I've claimed to have 2 ;) one for me (a dolce) one for my mommy (a bv)... there are people that are willing to help once you get to know them a little. As for myself I don't see people w/ bianco often but I :love: my dolce!
  6. I like the bianco, but I know that I would get it dirty and it drives me :nuts: when I get dirt spots on my Tokidoki bags. I have an Adios Star Zucca that is hard enough to keep clean. But the Bianco solid is quite pretty.
  7. I love the bianco bellas (or fumo, or notte! I just like the zippers against the solid), but I need to get a good deal if I get one. So, not likely to happen....
  8. I saw alot of Bianco solid at our Bloomingdales. It was the first time i saw them IRL. They're really nice but I know I'd get it soo dirty fast! Does anyone know if the scotch guarding will help that? I gotta find that 'cleaning' thread...
  9. I live in the Seattle area - you could drive down and get one. I saw them at Macy's downtown and at Northgate today! I cannot remember which ones were at each store but I saw a ciao ciao, gioco, zucca, campeggio, buon viaggio, and canguro. I didn't see any at the Nordstroms. Good luck.
  10. I'm not a huge fan of the Bianco & Notte, but I just LOVE the new Fumo color. I'm considering getting myself one in the near future!
  11. I have a Campeggio in Bianco Solid.. At first, I got so freaked out that I bought a WHITE bag... and Having a toddler running around my house is quite scary... But, it's an AWESOME print.. I loved the simplicity of it. :smile: