BH Straps

  1. Do the BH straps soften significantly and stay on your shoulder better over time? I had difficulty keeping them on my shoulder when I was in the store. :sad:
  2. All vachetta softens over time. So yes, the BH straps will soften over time as well.
  3. yes, the straps and body of the bag will "mold" to you body eventually
  4. Yes. My BH straps were stiff at first but now they're comfortable and soft.
  5. It is funny I noticed this morning that my straps are staying on my shoulder now where before one would always fall down.
  6. I have had the same problem...seems one strap will fall off. It's rather new, about 2 months old and I don't carry it every day. Mine don't feel stiff at all, not like the Riveting. (which I have not taken out of the box. Her day is coming!)