BH, does it reveal all your stuff?

  1. I was in heaven today because I was in the LV boutique today on 5th Ave and I tried on the BH and the BV. The BH is shallow and the SA said she prefers the BV because other people can see all your stuff inside. Is that true because I didn't dare try to stuff the bags to check it out for myself.
  2. I have both the BH and the BV and I don't find this is true at all ! There's a clip at the top that keeps the bag pretty together, and besides, while you're on, your arm is pretty much blocking everything.
  3. i have the bh myself and i find that when it is on your shoulder no one can see inside. when it is not on your arm the clasp does a darn good job of keeping everything closed.
  4. I am dreaming of owning BH but was wondering how heavy it is with all my stuff in it. I had to sell Vavin GM because it was hurting my shoulder when I carried it.. :hysteric:
  5. BH is rather lightweight, surprisingly lightweight. i wouldnt buy buy :graucho:
  6. ^ thank you, sirenized.
    I tell u this forum is killing my wallet! ;)
  7. I tried it and it was so light, very comfortable bag.
  8. I don't think so. When it's on your shoulder, no one can see. And it seems like even when you set it down, it kind of collapses in on itself.
  9. I also have both the BH and the BV. I agree with the SA....when I wear my BV there is complete closure under my arm due to it's narrow opening......the BH, however, does stick out in the back.
  10. No one can see my stuff when I carry it. I think it has to do with how much stuff you put in it and how you're going to use the bag.
  11. Yeah..unless you stuff a jacket or something in it, you can't see the contents of your bag at all.
  12. I have had this bag since February, it's the one that I seem to always want to use. I have never felt like my stuff was exposed--I agree with everyone else, the clasp keeps it pretty closed, and it does sort of fall in on itself.
    Also, it's deep enough that unless you really, really jam it full to the brim, everything is far enough down in the bag that it would be tough for anyone to really see inside.
    If I could only have one LV bag, the BH would be it!!
  13. Oooh! I just got my BH a few days ago and my honest complaint about it is that the side buckles get on my nerves! I wish that LV could've ELONGATED that leather side piece and then punch a few more holes in so that the bag's opening can be WIDER! Cuz now, it's all scrunched up and I'm wondering if my notebooks'll fit in properly (i'm planning to use it as a school bag). So I want it wider to be able to put in MORE books!!!!!! lol

    I wouldn't worry too much about the opening, the sides are like...heavy duty scrunch machines and I don't think ANY adult hand can fish into the BH without you noticing.

    PS: IF anyone tries to touch my notebooks, they're DEAD!!! lol Then again... who would want to steal academic stuff? Nevertheless, my books are precious to me, an upcoming doc! :biggrin: lol
  14. yeah...the hook closure is the only thing I don't like about this bag. however, ppl can't really see all your belongings bc the top kind of folds together to hide your contents (??? that's the best way i can describe it) if there's not a lot of stuff in there.
  15. Don't be afraid to try on the bags while you're there - the SAs don't mind at all. You can even take all the stuff out of your own bag and try it in the LV bags to be sure it fits (ha, I'm the voice of experience, I just learned this last week). Just ask politely and they won't refuse. :angel:

    The BH is not particularly shallow, it's almost 12" deep. The handles are on the short side (for a shoulder bag), so it's not so low that your stuff is exposed at all. The clip at the top and the soft gathers under the buckles at the top keep everything pretty secure, but the only way you'll know if you are comfortable with it is to try it.