Bgum and magenta 08

  1. I have ordered a magenta and a yellow city but am so confused now, I have read about pale magenta? rose, petal pink and bubblegum pink?! I thought there was just bgum pink and magenta? Also, in pluies pics there looked like a yellow behind the magenta, does that mean the yellow is being released soon too?:smile:
  2. I pretty sure that petal pink, rose and bubblegum all refers to the same colour; the new BG pink. For pinks in the 08 collection there will only be magenta and bubblegum. I guess some of the SAs is calling magenta pale magenta as the colour is a different colour than magenta 05.
    As for the yellow it is being released with the collection colours. I'm pretty sure that the bag behind the magenta is sahara and unfortunately not yellow.
  3. The petal pink is what BalNY is calling the Bubblegum Pink, so you can use Bubblegum and Petal to refer to the same color. Rose is a color from 2004 that a lot of people thought the 08 Bubblegum would look like from the swatches, but we have come to see that they are two different shades of pink completely.

    The yellow is a Collection color I think and won't be out til late January at the earliest. If I'm wrong, someone correct me, I can never keep straight which are collection and which are pre-collection.
  4. There was an 04 Rose and an 05 Bubblegum ....
    the 08 bags are called Petal Pink and Pale Magenta ... hope that helps!