BG Day and Pale Magenta First

  1. Hello all... I am a pretty new participant at tPF however have been reading for several months... thank you for all the fabulous finds!

    I stopped in my local Saks here in Palm Desert CA and the SS08 have started to arrive..
    They have one Bubblegum Day (RH) and one Pale Magenta First...
    and don't forget an EGC event happening Saturday!:woohoo:
  2. Thanks for the info!!
  3. thanks.
  4. Here are the pics.....

    (personal photo from my iPhone spycam)

  5. wow, nice pic! Man...pale magenta always looks different to me in every pic. Sometimes it looks similar to bubblegum, sometimes not...rawr...

  6. I agree!! Thanks for the pic Bella~~:tup:
  7. great spy pics!! Thanks! :yahoo: