BF Spilt and Took My Beloved Dogs What Do I Do?

  1. My BF and I split up 3 weeks ago, he came to my house and took the 2 dogs that he bought for me as gifts for Christmas and my Birthday in 2005 and 2006 resp, 2 weeks ago. I really dont know what to do, I dont want to have any contact with him, but I would like to know if my dogs are safe and well looked after!! I loved (and still do) my dogs, I was the only one that feed them, walked them and made sure they had everything they wanted and needed.

    I still cant take it in that he would be so devious to take them, even though they are registered in my name. At the moment I dont know what to expect next, whether to fight for the dogs or just let it be, as I really dont know what he could do.

    Your advice and opinions would much appreciated.
  2. That BASTARD!

    If they're registered in your name, couldn't you file a stolen property report with the police?
  3. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: They're your dogs. Kick this jerk to the curb, break into his house and take them back. How could he? If I had a boyfriend do this to me, I would do him in.... my pets are my babies.
  4. Suck up your pride and go get your dogs. I know you don't want any communication, but do what you have to do to get them back. I would be livid. How did he get them? Did he still have a key to your place? Why would he want the dogs if he never took care of them???
  5. I think you should fight this, but fight it legally. File a police report and gather any papers you have that state the animal is legally yours. If it is registered under your name, you are listed as the owner at the vet clinic, etc. then that is your best route to take. I'm pretty sure that the animals will be considered legally yours if they were a gift, but that is hard to prove. Good luck! Please keep us posted.
  6. Yeah I know their my babies, its just so complicated, he moved them to his mums house and the problem is I dont know what he'll do next. In that I mean he has been living in my house for a while, I dont know what my legal standing is, if he's so devious to take the dogs what's he gonna do next. He's gone now, been treating my house like a hotel this past 9 months, well no thats a lie at least then he wuda been paying his way!!
    I know, no idea why, only thing i think is that its the only way to get to me or to keep in contact, I dont know anymore?? I'm just going round and round getting nowhere!!!
  7. That's hard. They're yours, you deserve them and I have no doubt you'd be awareded them back. But, do you think he would harm them to spite you if you tried to get them back legally or otherwise if he had the time to do so? Was he abusive? That's the biggest factor to consider. I'm don't understand what you mean by "I'm not sure what he would do next" if you were to attempt to get them back.
  8. I am livid, so angry, :cursing::cursing:he's just such a.... its so easy to say that but its just so frustrating, the dogs lived in a pen outside the house (large dogs, rottweilers), thats how he got them. When he still had a key he took all the papers belonging to the dogs, like I said they are chipped, but that really doesnt mean much unless they are lost or stolen, then I would be contacted. His mothers house has only a small garden and I'm not even sure that they have a kennel to sleep in, one things for sure he's not taking them for walks, ( why would he start now).
  9. I really wudnt be surprised anymore, he kicked my corgi in the face very shortly before we split, I didnt know what had happened to her, when I went outside I called her I she wudnt come anywhere near me, eventually she was running towards me, as if she was dazed, started being sick and collapsed at my feet. I started crying and stuff and he admitted kicking her. She's the only dog I have at the moment, still has the scars on her mouth and is now being an inside dog, she misses her friends but shes getting used to the indoor cats and enjoys bossing them around!!! I really dont know what hes capable of anymore....
  10. PLEASE GO get your dogs back. He sounds like a crazy person and god knows what he might do. Even if he took theRE papers they ASPCA will still have a record of them that there under your name. Call the police and say they were stollen from you.
  11. You can even tell the cops the story of your Corgi and show they the scars. Seriously it shouldn't be a question what you do anymore. Obviously he is abussive to animals and you need to protect them. GO GET THEM!!!
  12. I'm afraid too though, im scared of even being seen to be checking up on the dogs. I dont believe here the cops take animal cruelty as a serious enough crime and there seems to be a very big gap between the welfare, wellbeing and cruelty of an animal. Here it seems that you have to prove neglect/cruelty before the police can become involved and then animal welfare groups are grudgingly brought in to the animals in danger.
  13. That's sick. If that's the case, then I'd say rough justice. They have to come out sometime, so I'd kick HIM in the face leaving him dazed and snatch the dogs. Or, if they're outside, what keeps you (with some help) from just going over there to get them...whether it's him or his mom who's there. I wouldn't give him time to retaliate...and this is for their welfare. If you waste any time going through the system, it only gives him time to take it out on them. Hey, if social services can do it with abusive parents, then you should beable to for the love of your pets.
  14. What does it hurt to call the police and file a report? It's better than not doing anything at all. This is probably not a matter to take into your own hands, since he has a history of violence toward the animals. Make sure you mention that he's kicked your dog before. Get your paperwork ready to prove they're yours; you should be able to get replacement copies of them, and wherever the papers are through should be able to verify your ownership.

    If you find out they won't do anything about it, then it's time to consider going and getting them. If you do so, be prepared and bring people with you.
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