Beyoncé's New Hairdo

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  2. If you haven't told it's Beyone I definitely wouldn't recognize her.
  3. wow:wtf:
  4. wow the dark hair makes her eyes look so much darker too
  5. love her with darker hair, she looks great!
  6. i don't like it but isn't her hair a weave anyway?
  7. why is she always wearing wigs?
  8. I like it!! It's very natural looking.
  9. I like it, she looks good! I think i like her better with the darker her. She looks beautiful and more classic.
  10. So much for those nose job rumors. I don't dislike it, I just have to get used to it.
  11. Beyonce rocks the soft curls as she makes a quick getaway with her boo Jay-Z from Diddy’s Wednesday night party.
    Zeyonce partied with Diddy at “The House of Unforgivable” in Manhattan’s Upper East Side as it was the launch of Sean Jean’s “Unforgivable Woman” fragrance.
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  12. Glad to see her finally wearing her natural hair (the soft curl), but something about her face looks crazy, especially her eyes, maybe it's the makeup....
  13. I like it!
  14. I think she looks great. If she wants to wear a wig and/or weave her business. Not many in Hollywood don't wear them. To constantly have your hair styled for events can be brutal for its health - it would appear that a weave would definitely save time at the very least.
  15. She looks so artificial. I would love to see her all natural.