Beyonce Falls Down Stairs

  1. She fell every conceivable way a person could fall! OUCH! I'm glad she wasn't seriously injured. It's incredible how she kept performing. They would've carried me out on a stretcher - never to be seen again. LOL!
  2. I know what you mean. poor girl must have been sore as hell the next day! looks like she went down head could have been worse. good thing she's ok. beyonce's a trooper she just kept on dancing
  3. I read that when she got up, her leg was bleeding. I feel bad for her. And you're right, it could've been MUCH worse. You said it! She IS a trooper!
  4. Yikes.
  5. That's a fall!
  6. Here is closer footage of the fall. I feel sorry for her that had to hurt. She looks like a rag doll without any control. It looks like she tripped on her own dress.
  7. Her leg supposedly has a gash in it from the fall
  8. She reportedly asked the fans after the show to please not post the fall on YouTube
  9. Ugh! I'd hate to see the bruise afterwards!
  10. Ouch! That looks really painful and embarrassing too. Poor thing, I think I'd just die if that happened to me. You think of all the shows that these stars do though, and it's bound to happen at some point.
  11. That looked like it hurt. ^^And I guess we all know the answer to that question.
  12. wow and she kept on dancing! That takes guts. I always wondered how celebs got around in those crazy heels without ever falling...guess I know now that they're human too:s
  13. Listen, she did what she had to do.....what else but keep on performing. I mean, unless the leg is have to keep going. To run off the stage would be childish.

    I'm sure it's embarassing, but it happens.
  14. Beyoncé's Rep Calls Fall 'A Mere Spot' in Her Show

    WEDNESDAY JULY 25, 2007 01:40 PM EDT
    By Steve Helling

    Beyoncé Knowles fell face first down a flight of stairs during an Orlando concert Tuesday night – only to recover and complete her number nearly without missing a beat.

    Onstage, wearing a trench coat and high heels, Knowles, 25, was singing her hit "Ring the Alarm" while descending a staircase. As she flipped her hair around, the headliner lost her balance and slid down about a dozen steps.

    Knowles's microphone fell out of her hands and slid across the stage. She quickly grabbed the mic and jumped up, picking up her song practically where she had left off.

    A rep for the singer tells PEOPLE the incident was "a mere spot" in her show.

    "Beyoncé's fall on stage last night in Orlando, Fl. during her performance of 'Ring The Alarm' was a mere spot on an otherwise sensational, flawless show," the rep said Wednesday. "It was a case of her coat's hem getting caught in her shoes, but Miss Knowles picked herself right up, without missing a beat, showing to all that she is the best."

    Indeed, a concertgoer Anette Nelson tells PEOPLE, "Everyone gasped. But she got up right away and acted like nothing happened. I don't even think she missed a word of the song! Everyone started cheering her on, because she recovered like a real professional."

    The singer's rep says Knowles did not sustain any injuries as a result of the fall.

    During the show Knowles wrapped up the song and then rushed off stage. Sitting on a stool for her next number, she jokingly asked the crowd not to circulate video of her fall.

    "Don't put it on YouTube," Knowles requested good-naturedly.

    But her plea fell on deaf ears. As of Wednesday morning, video of the incident is all over the Web, and can be found several video websites – including YouTube.

    • Reporting by AMY KEITH


    I'm glad Beyonce is okay, but did the rep REALLY have to word the statement like that? They couldn't have said, "This shows her determination" or "This shows her character" or "The fact that she can laugh about it afterwards shows what kind of person she is"? My God! I should be writing official statements!

    "Showing to all that she is the best" sounds too yes-man to me.