Beyonce and her new song with the beau

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  1. Well, have you heard? It is getting quite played out by me.

    I have to say she is really digging deep on this one. Not that great IMO. JayZ saved her on this one...he was the only high point. What do you all think?
  2. When it first came out, I really didn't pay that much attention to it. They play it all the time and I think it's pretty good! They sang it last night on the BET Awards and it was wonderful!
  3. You know what..I am glad you really liked it.
  4. Ditto Kellybag. I felt like it was too much screaming. I'm still not really feeling it. But she's B and radio will play it too DEATH that you will eventually fall in love with it.
  5. I wasn't a fan of it. But when I saw her perform it live at the BET awards, it was fantastic!
  6. i really hated it when it first came out. They play the heck out of it now (and I live in Houston, so you know that's a LOT!). The BET awards' performance was decent, but didn't make me love either. I feel like she is trying way to hard.

    I actually don't like Jay's part of the song. It sounds very elementary when he spells out Houston. IMO
  7. I havent heard it yet. Now I'm curious! Does anyone know a website where I can listen to it online?
  8. I agree. There's a lot more yelling than singing in her new song.
  9. i love beyonce, but i don't think she was breaking new ground with this song. i'm a little bored, but she has talent, so hopefully we should hear better things on this new album.
  10. It has grown on me, I liked the BET performance.
  11. do ya'll think that rhianna is really trying to get with jayz? i heard beyonce is pissed, lol
  12. Seriously!? Man! I didnt even hear about that LOL
  13. Jay Z is hooked on Beyonce. He's not going anywhere.
  14. YEAH ! I heard how Riri and Mr. HOVA would have like private business dinners and the such.. anyways, it wouldn't surprise me too much.

    And as to Deja Vu, I like the chorus, but there's this one part in the rift where it just sounds like Beyonce is screaming and screaming - that's not.. really musically good. :blink: