Beware... something is very wrong!

  1. So I'm surfing eBay and came across this Gucci # 150140136532 and realized that the picture and description looks familiar and the starting price is way too low. So digging further, looks like she reused the original seller's listing, wait... that is not the fishiest part! The original seller had sold the bag several times already... #150132149112, #150130877093, #150124858756!!! What is going on? Can someone help me decipher this :confused1:
  2. Are all these listings the same seller? Or are different sellers using the same Pics?
  3. Yeah I think all of the auctions are suspicious. First of all, I believe the original seller may have stolen the picture from another seller who had an authentic one. I mean, why would you only have ONE picture? And in addition, she sold it repeatedly. One of those sales was to the seller in the first auction you posted who in turn stole the auction details from the person they bought it from.
    Either way it's a tangled web and is something I'd stay far away from.
  4. I've just taken a look too.

    If you really wanted to give this the benefit of doubt you could argue that:-

    Item Number 150124858756 was sold on 25th May and feedback was left for the buyer although they did not leave feedback for the seller.

    The same - or another bag was then sold (Item Number 150130877093) on 10th June and feedback was left for the seller saying "very understanding seller" - this could mean that the sale did not actually go through!!!

    If this sale did not go through, the same bag was then sold to zab1973 (item number 150132149112), maybe they didn't like it as much as they thought or wanted to sell it for another reason as they then listed this (Item Number 150140136532) and used the same photos from the original auction.

    However, if you are a suspicious person (like MOST of us on tpf!!) then its all a con and steer clear!!!
  5. Admirable detective work, Ali! :jammin:
  6. I would steer clear of that auction.