Beware of this Ebayer..........

  1. mercedes--benz!!!!! She is awful. This is who I bought the "LIKE NEW" LV MC black Speedy from that STINKS!! Here is her latest email:
    What do you think is fair - if you think it stinks - you could put a dryer sheet or some febreeze in it and resell it - come on, I DO think this is being blown out of proportion sweetie. I'm trying to be nice. Why didn't you just go to the boutique and drop a couple thousand and get you a BRAND NEW one...?? I've seen all the money you spend on high end purses - and good for you - I'm glad you can do that. This purse is NOT unusable and you know it. Come back down to earth with the rest of us and think this through. OK? Betty

    I've seen many many MYPOUPETTE sellers list LV items as in LIKE NEW or MINT condition only dropping a couple hundred off retail. The bag has already oxidized to dark brown?????

    I am so upset right now I'm shaking!! What do I do?

  2. OMG:wtf:
    The nerve of this lady. I would file a complaint and stop being nice. Thank you for the heads up on this seller. I am so sorry for what she has put your through and I hope this works out for you. What at B#$%*.
  3. Tell her you want a refund and send the stinky bag back. Tell her to sell it to someone more "down to earth". The nerve of some people.
  4. It is not as described, unless the listing said the bag smelled. File a claim.
  5. I would definitely open a SNAD claim through eBay or paypal. She should have let it be known in the listing that there was an odor. It's so aggravating and disappointing when someone is less than honest about their item. I'm sorry that this happened to you, and hope it's resolved soon.
  6. try not to get too upset. STOP communicating with her through email immediately and file a claim with paypal and eBay as an item received not as described. they will side with you, then you can retun it and get a refund. this woman sounds like a huge jerk! i'm so so sorry this happened to you!!!
  7. She's cheating you by claim her bag as MINT or LIKE NEW while it's not!! File a claim, don't let her go with your money.
  8. The nerve of these sellers to try to dupe buyers. Bah!
  9. Ok, so this is her latest email....I have now filed a dispute through eBay (Paypal), hopefully it will favor me, we'll see!!
    Because if your smart mouthed attitude - just forget the refund. Capich? I don't care if I ever hear of you again, babe. I just know that no one smokes here - you are a little spoiled brat home with kid with a husband that dishes over money to you and........well - I really have no sympathy for you. You bought the purse, there's no wear on it - could be any wear on it - the smell - maybe it's from you - who knows - I don't care. I'm through dealing with you. Give me a negative, I don't care. Just remember that I get to rate you, too. There's nothing wrong with the bag and I believe that Ebay would agree with me. Regards Betty

    Oh and I didn't repsond to this email....she's too childish to even respond to! Trying to keep my lady like composure!! :graucho:
  10. OMG!!!!how could she got the nerve to do that!!
    good luck luv my bags

    she's a horibble seller
  11. She sure is jealous of you! There was no need for those personal comments except she wasn't able to control her envy. How immature.
    Hope this is resolved in your favor.
  12. OMG. She called you "Sweetie". How professional.
  13. What an unwholesome lady! File your claim & be done with her!
  14. The whole thing is that I really wanted this bag....and I was never rude to her. I thought about what I responded to her before just typing what I really wanted to say. I told her that I had a bag that I couldn't it didn't matter what I "saved"....I WASTED 1400 on a bag that isn't usable to me!

    Hopefully it will play in my favor......guess we'll see! Oh and here is another email that she sent (which I didn't reply to):
    Oh and the 75$ she's referring to is the money difference that she changed on her BIN but couldn't change in the auction.....does that make sense?
    And - one more thing - I wouldn't take the bag back now ANYWAY - God knows what you could have done to it. Just cash your $75 and get over it. I was going to refund you a sizable amount of money but you have met your match when it comes to being sarcastic. You blew it.
  15. Wow....she has issues! Do as suggested, file a claim and be done with her. Make sure you save all those emails from her. Sorry you had to deal with someone like that.