Beware of the "Second Chance Offer" scam on eBay

  1. So I was bidding on a B-bag for the Mrs. DH when I was outbid at the last moment. I was the second highest bidder, but I lost the auction.

    Today I get an eMail that looks like it comes from eBay saying the highest bidder did not complete the transaction and the seller is now offering me the "second chance offer" to buy the bag at my last bid price! Just click the reply now button to accept this offer, which expires in a couple of days.

    I hit the yellow "reply" button and suddenly I notice that I am replying to a HotMail email account address. The seller is actually one of those "I Sold It on eBay" franchised drop-off centers. I think to myself, shouldn't they have a more professional looking eMail address for a business than a HotMail account?

    I decide to forward the eMail to and sure enough, it's a scam! No doubt if I had sent my PayPal payment right away, they would be shipping me my bag just as soon as hell freezes over...

    The scary part is that everything about the eMail looked authentic. It even had a working link back to the original auction, they mentioned my user account by name in the header of the eMail (this is actually an eBay security feature) and they had working links to the "learn more about security" and other FAQ pages on eBay. Only the unlikely HotMail account address tipped me off.

    eBay...a scammer's paradise! When will it end?
  2. yikes, i've heard stories about that happening to people, so scary :blink:

    p.s. that was so sweet of you try & win your wife a b-bag!!!
  3. eek...! Thanks for letting us know.

    p.s. you're a very darling DH
  4. Yup this happened to me a couple of months ago. I posted all the details here as a warning. Scary stuff!!
  5. Same thing just happened to me recently but didn't accept the offer cos it didn't "feel" right.
  6. this is why it is good to only answer emails from inside of myeBay email box- your normal email account is the one where they always send them.
  7. ^^^ITA with mocean! only respond via your eBay mailbox!
  8. yap that happened to me too scammers @#$#@@
  9. Usually happens with high-end auctions where the listing is not private. Ugh, the scammers and spammers never stop! They just get more and more creative.
  10. that happened to me too! just make sure that you get the same offer in your ebay messages. if you do, then it's for real!
  11. Yikes, that's so scary!! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Thanks so much for te heads up!

    Thank goodness you caught this spoof and scam!
  13. I'm amazed to see that it has happened to so many people!:wtf: :hysteric:
    And yes, it has happened to me too! I'm glad to see that no one has gone through the transaction